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Hofstra University was begun as an extension of New York University in 1935, located 25 miles outside of New York City in Hempstead, NY. In two years, it gained independence and has since exploded onto 240 acres in the ensuing years, offering a private education to its now over 12,000 students (its inaugural class was about 800).

Hofstra is a monster of higher education, offering 140 undergrad degrees and another 150 graduate courses (students divide up around 6,800 Bachelor seekers and 5,200 looking for higher degrees). They are accredited through 24 different boards/organizations (22 of them academic) and have amongst its 115 buildings a law school, a medical school, and a replica of Shakespeare’s Globe Theater (which may have attracted the steps of alumnus such as Christopher Walken and Francis Ford Coppola). They offer degrees at all levels up to and including PhD’s, certifications for advancement of learning after graduation, and a many distance learning options (the size and scope of which are growing as we speak).

Hofstra University is proud of its advancements in distance learning and though they are looking to add to their list of completely online degrees in the coming years, they currently offer several graduate options (but no completely off campus programs for undergrad degrees). They have two Master of Science programs offered entirely online in Computer Science and Education/Educational Leadership/Policy Studies, as well as certificate programs in Gifted Education and Educational Technology. Hofstra already offers online components to over 1700 of its on campus classes and utilizes this to offer graduate degrees and certifications to those already in the work force looking to expand their education. Courses in the Master programs follow normal semester guidelines (15 weeks) and are planned for completion within two years, while certifications are only 4 to 5 courses and can be completed in whatever time frame is best (though they do require prerequisite completion of certain degrees and courses).

Undergrads are offered a variety of online choices as well, with a bevy of hybrid/blended classes, as well as many completely online courses each semester. Undergrads are also given online access to such tools as Library Service, Academic Advisement, the Bookstore, and Email. Even faculty are benefitted by the online advancements at Hofstra, with Faculty Computing Services offering professors “distributed learning” to augment face-to-face with online aspects, as well as extensive prep, tech support, and advice for teachers doing online courses.

Even though Hofstra is a colossus of education, the faculty are highly degreed professionals (93% hold the highest available in their field) who number more than the total student body of most schools. Between part-time and full-time, there are just under 1,700 faculty, giving this enormous school a very small town 14:1 teacher/student ratio (classes average about 22 students). They offer evening and weekend classes for workers in addition to their distance learning opportunities, all of which fall under the same level of excellence Hofstra has been awarded for over the years. Extensive research and study abroad options are also available and encouraged. They’re a top tier university (#139 in US News and World Report), have hosted a presidential debate, and publish some of the top professional journals in the nation.

Majors run the gamut, from Liberal Arts and Science to Education, from Law to Medicine, from Business to Honors Studies, but all graduates are subject to the same rigorous dedication to education. Hofstra’s mission has always been a “priority on teaching excellence”, using those highly trained educators to “encourage, nurture, and support learning through free and open exchange of ideas”, leading to “transmission, advancement, and preservation of knowledge”. This attitude extends to all things on this now 75 year old campus, leading to a high student retention rate at this one stop college for all your educational needs, both undergrad and beyond.

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