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“Bring Athens and Jerusalem together…”

One of the Ten Pillars of Houston Baptist University, the ten foundations on which the college was built on, meant to show how they would make their vision of the “renewal of Christian higher education” a reality. This one here represents the inter-relationship of the college with its home city Houston, Texas, how the founding Baptists saw benefits for both city and campus when they asked for and, in 1960, received a charter. Opening their doors in 1963 to 193 students, they now offer a liberal arts curriculum to prepare their 2500 undergrad and graduate students for the “meaningful lives, work, and for service to God and the peoples of the world.”.

The 156 acre Southwest Houston location was chosen to fill what was seen as a deficit for a balanced college that saw to both education and Christian moral growth to meet the world’s ever advancing needs. Their curriculum includes 40 undergraduate majors and pre-professional programs, taught by largely terminal degreed professors in small, personal classes (a 13:1 student faculty ratio, fantastic for an big urban college). There are many permutations for majors through both minors and dual major programs available, but no distance learning degrees and limited online classes per semester (though online access to everything from academic aid to library services is available). Popular majors run to Business and Education, both with a variety of programs and certifications, as the school offers five different BBAs and over 20 different accredited teacher certification. In addition, most certification courses count towards graduate degrees.

Speaking of graduates, Houston Baptist also offers Master’s degrees in 12 more divisions, including the accelerated program for education majors with previous certifications. Realizing that undergrad degrees aren’t quite the papers they used to be, they take the “challenge of graduate education seriously” with a foundation based on the same 10 Pillars that guide their undergrad curriculum (by the way, the pillars actually are on campus, big Greek ones). This “commitment to lifelong learning” that comes with pursuance of a graduate degree has led to the same “small, interactive, discussion-based” classes as the undergrad programs, utilizing their Houston location to allow for better opportunities both for internship and information.

Houston Baptist has never wavered in their religious affiliations, combining their desire to mold young minds with a dedication to instilling the morals and values meant to make good leaders. They insist on a system of Community Life and Worship credits (80 are needed to graduate) that consist of everything from community service projects to Bible studies or chapel services. Organized and coordinated by the university’s Spiritual Life Office, it is another example of how HBU combines “Athens and Jerusalem” for the betterment of tomorrow’s leaders.

Their location in Houston insures that many graduates of HBU are already exposed to the people and businesses they need to know to ensure employment after commencement, with top medical and business facilities in their backyard, as well as highly regarded fine arts. A warm moral center in the middle of busy commerce, HBU has graduated over 15,000 faith-based learners looking to lead the world into a better tomorrow.

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