How Colleges are Recruiting Students Creatively

As time progresses, so do the way advertisements and recruits work. Although twenty years ago, creative methods of advertising and recruiting were not necessary, they are more needed now, as information is available to everyone freely. Think about it: a college, even if it is a school, is still a business. From their campus visits to their marketing packages, to the simple e-mails that you probably won’t read anyway – they need to entice students to enroll to their school to maintain their school monetarily.

How I envision the recruiters are thinking about how to strike next. (photo by Life Mental Health)

How I envision the recruiters are thinking about how to strike next. (photo by Life Mental Health)

Here are some of the creative ways that colleges are recruiting students today.

  1. Rating systems – tracking data on prospective students based on the likelihood they would enroll allows the colleges to recruit students that aptitude’s match the services that that college provides.
  2. Interactive virtual game tours – DePauw University has created a video game in which you can tour the campus.
  3. Making themselves look more elitist – If colleges appear more exclusive, people will be more drawn to them.
  4. Going green – for those who are environmentalists, colleges that showcase their environmental awareness and technologies will attract certain types of students.
  5. Tailored recruiting – instead of recruiting based on majority attributes, colleges are now zoning in on student’s individual aptitudes.
  6. Special programs – colleges with programs that are tailored to certain groups of students, such as students with Autism, may be more attractive.
  7. Free giveaways – the Illinois Institute of Technology stated that they would be giving away free iPads to all incoming undergrad freshman, which brought in lots of current IIT alumni.
  8. Free tuition – have an innovative entrepreneurial idea? The University of New Haven‘s business school offers free tuition to the next student with the next, best, innovative entrepreneurial idea.
  9. Student blogs – it’s been proven that students will learn from peers more than they will learn from teachers or professors. With that being said, student blogs may ignite a spark in a student more than going to a campus tour and hearing from someone who works for the school, who is forced to promote the school in a positive way. Most of the times, these students will be getting degrees in writing.
  10. For those that are hungry for some bigger bucks – salary reports may showcase what kind of salary a degree from a specific college will allow for it’s prospective students. If money is your game, you may be motivated by this.
  11. Text marketing – one of the things that were not available for advertising and marketing in the past was the capability of universities to text students about their programs and special offers.
  12. Dorm room heaven – one of the most discouraging things about the college experience has got to be the small, cramped rooms that you’ll probably share with someone who doesn’t know what deodorant is. Colleges can promote better, bigger, and more student-compatible dorm rooms that may motivate a prospective student to pick that university.
  13. Business partnerships – for graduate students, colleges are partnering with businesses to better provide education and growth on a career aspect, which may entice students who want to get their foot in the door right out of college.
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