How Green Are Our Schools?

You have heard it all: “We need to attempt to burn less CO2,” “Global warming is very real and it is going to kill our planet,” and “Save the trees!” So, what exactly happens when the place that millions of children attend for five days a week, whose aim is to improve the quality of life through the children’s advances in society, is counterproductive in that it does not benefit the earth – instead, destroys it? If there is no earth that can sustain life, there is no reason to advance society, as society will cease to exist, according to popular theory.

Going green has a substantial impact on our society! (photo by

Going green has a substantial impact on our society! (photo by

Did you know that individuals use approximately six hundred and eighty pounds of paper per year? This includes the paper they use in school. Roughly four hundred and fifty-one trees are killed throughout one person’s lifetime in their use of paper, according to greenanswers. Schools, though lawfully limited in their use of paper, will use as much as their budget will allow without remorse. However, can you really blame them? In most schools, in which every classroom is not taught by electronic means, paper has to be used. In my school, where we are only given a limited expenditure for paper and ink yearly, we tend to run out of our budget towards the end of the year. Teachers then accommodate by using their own personal budgets to print off worksheets and tests. Either way, paper is still being used and our schools are not exactly as green as they could be.

In Southern California, schools are becoming green by utilizing a cheaper, more environmentally friendly light bulb, as according to Utilizing these light bulbs, compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL) to be exact, schools are saving energy and money. However, the exchange has not stopped there! The program in which this is possible, the Alliance’s Green Schools program, has slipped it’s way into the homes of students and teachers as well. Since 2000, this program has sought to improve the environmental efficiency of society in general.

Do you want help in reinventing your school green? has a program called “The Green Initiative,” in which environmentalists help educate students and teachers in school by introducing them to subjects such as eliminating toxins, and using resources to their optimal potential. They have posted an article on their website, entitled “How to Green Your School,” which offers seven tips for converting your school to be environmentally friendly. It is well worth checking out if you are interested in making your school more green!

A good way to stay environmentally friendly is to look into using technology, such as a computer, to complete your education. Here at distancelearning, this is encouraged! Online educations are growing even more accepted in society, have the same benefits, and are as credible as an educational facility, while minimizing the amount of paper used!

Another program that seeks to help students and teachers achieve an environmentally friendly facility and have a small carbon footprint is Green Up Our Schools, specifically dedicated to elementary schools. They specialize in providing financial help to waste reduction and recycling plans.

So, all in all, our schools may not be as green as they could be, however, there are efforts out there to make them more green! As long as there are people to have the green mindset, there will always be room to grow and to reinvent our lives, including our schools.

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