How Mock Exams Benefit AP Students

Advanced placement courses have become very popular in high school and passing the AP exam at the end of the year is the ultimate goal and worry. So many teachers have now made it required for students in their class to take what is called a mock exam. They get to take a practice exam of whatever class that it is in. It is an exam that was used in a previous year so the questions and format are exactly how it is going to be when you take the real AP exam. Students may whine or groan about this but many teachers and administrators have seen improvement since making mock exams either available or mandatory.

How mock AP exams benefit students.(photo credit veritatem)

Many students who have shared their experiences say that the best way to succeed is to be familiar with the material and practice. Waiting until exam day and seeing the way the test is formatted and being unfamiliar with the time it takes might make people anxious and stress out. Doing so much multiple choice and three free response questions is not an easy task and it takes up a lot of time. There are tips on how to stay focused and positive while taking the test:

  • Breathe in and out, making yourself paranoid will only make things worse and take away time you need. 
  • Take it by every step and every question. Do not stress or think about the upcoming questions because it will distract you from the current one and make you worry about the future ones.
  • Only look at the clock when needed or rarely. There is usually a clock or timer near by so you know how much time you have spent and what is left but it is there as a reminder not to make you scared. Do not rush yourself and do not panic. Take as much time as you need to get them right but use your time wisely.
  • Do not look around because you are bound to get distracted and zone out. Do not look at others either. Pretend that you are blind except when you are looking at the test. Focus and sharpen your view and keep moving.
  • Do your best and do not stress. Remember that you did the best that you could do and that is all you really can do. be proud of yourself and have a positive attitude.

Practice makes perfect is a common phrase that has been around for a while but it definitely is proven true. You can not expect yourself to ever do perfect on anything right away on your first time, No one is perfect. If you get used to something and get better at it and continue to practice, you will grow and meet your goal. Although students may not like having to take an extra exam, it is not a waste of time and it is not a pointless grade. You get to find out what it is like and see what you need to work on. The more exams you pass, the more ready you are financially and mentally for college.

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