How Music Classes Help Students

In every high school football game during halftime, the high school band performances. They confound us with movements and sounds that are in sync and pleasing. But there is more to band and all the other music classes held at school. There are guitar classes, chorus, orchestra, and others. Why do students feel the need to take them? How does it benefit them?

How music classes benefit students.(photo credit Robert Couse-Baker)

There has been studies made to study the benefits of music classes and how they help your brain processing. The neurological responses to sound are apparently linked to learning and listening abilities. When we are young, teachers are trying to make us listen to every vowel and word for us to understand what they are and how to say them. So if we got used to having to know how a song is supposed to sound and how we are supposed to play it, we get better at learning by listening. Which will increase our auditory learning.

So what are the lasting effects of taking music classes? They increase your auditory perception, auditory-based communication skills, and improved executive function. It is important for us to be alert and aware of our surroundings whether it is sitting and listening to a lecture by a professor or just driving to work. Communication skills is how we trade and create in the world. You can’t get by without knowing how to speak with people. It is how you learn, succeed, and meet you goals. They have also been proven to boost your attention, organization, short-term memory and reasoning. They are key traits that a person needs to be successful. You need to be an organized person who is focused on their life and goals to make it in the world. Reasoning how we make inferences and judgments and from those thoughts and conclusions, we make our actions. Every action we take effects us and the ones around us so being able to process things better is important.

The benefits to our brain isn’t the only positive attribute that instrumental classes give. They also give a student a break from math equations that they may loathe to figure out and a break from books that may give them a hard time to understand. Its not that the other classes are too hard, but they require a different kind of thinking. Music gives them something to be passionate about and something that they will be passionate to learn about. Music helps the soul and heart. Whether the lyrics help you through a situation or if you’re just really fond of the sound, it makes people euphoric.

It is not an easy class but it is a class that makes students content and a part of something. Not everyone wants to play a sport or be part of a club but maybe all they want to do is make music and appreciate it. These classes benefit students emotionally and mentally. Music classes make us a part of something and make us learn and strengthen our brain in a different way.

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