How Schools Can Impact the Community

When a school begins do to something for the community is when its students truly flourish. They impact others and themselves and create a new-found respect and perspective on the world around them. There are always things that a school can do for others outside of the confines of the school. Below I will give examples and descriptions of things you can do to better your community through your school.

Impacting the community is one of the best things you can do as a citizen. (photo by USACEpublicaffairs)

Impacting the community is one of the best things you can do as a citizen. (photo by USACEpublicaffairs)

1. Relay for Life

To raise money, donate, and even create a team for your school to help fight against cancer and to help stop it in it’s tracks, Relay for Life is a great cause. Created by the American Cancer Society, Relay for Life is a fun way to gain perspective on something bigger than yourself. Relay for Life is an organized, overnight community fundraising walk.

2. Metropolitan Ministries

For those who are in the Tampa Bay or Pasco area, Metropolitan Ministries is a great organization to go through if you just want to do charitable deeds, such as feeding the homeless. Metropolitan Ministries is always looking for people to help out – and there are so many ways that the average person (or child) can! Of course their background is ultimately a ministry – ie. for the purpose of spreading God’s goodness to others through their actions. Keep that in mind as you discuss this with people at your school, as some may be offended or not want to partake as a result of the religious barriers. However, you can ensure them that though they believe the greater good is spreading the name of God, it is good in general to help others who are in need.

3. Tutoring

Most schools are around other schools of different grades (elementary, middle, and high,) as they are in the same zone. If you are in high school and you are looking to impact your community, you may be able to sign up for one of the other schools around your area to volunteer your time and tutor a child who may not have an easy time understanding algebra or perhaps even division. Speak with your teachers to see if there is any program they know of that you could do this through.

4. Green-ify Your Schools

The Green Initiative, as I have discussed in my past post, How Green Are Our Schools?, is a program designed to help schools become greener. If schools were to leave a smaller carbon footprint by utilizing methods of saving paper, saving energy, switching lightbulbs, or really anything, the world could be slightly impacted overtime. Of course, according to the “green people,” we can’t reverse what damage has already been done – instead we can only halt damage from being further done.

Regardless, you may have ideas up your own sleeve of things you can do to impact the community. The best thing to do is to take it into your own hands (if you are old enough and understand how to) or go to a teacher and seek advice. Innovative thinkers and people who wish to help others are a great asset to our community.

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