How to Accomplish Your Goals?

My last post talked about how to set your goals. However, setting good goals does not guarantee that they will be accomplished successfully. It may be easy to set a goal, but it is much harder to reach the goal. Here are some tips on how to accomplish your goals.

Goals will never be reached if you do not work for it. (Photo by ishutterthethought)

Goals will never be reached if you do not work for it. (Photo by ishutterthethought)

Tip One: Make measurable Steps

After setting your goals, the first thing you should do is to think about steps to reach the goals. Make the steps realistic, measurable, and specific can make it easier for you later, because people tend to follow measurable steps better than abstract steps. For example, ” I will exercise to lose weight” is harder to follow than ” I will run for half an hour everyday to lose weight”. If your goal is to lose weight, use this weight loss calculator to make your progress measurable. If your goal is academic, make your goal more measurable by setting small goals like ” I want to get an A on the next quiz” instead of ” I want to make straight A’s in all my courses”.

Tip Two: Your Attitude Is Important

Ask yourself the following question before you start working toward a goal:

1. Is this goal worth my effort?

2. Am I able to spend enough time and energy on this goal?

3. Will I enjoy working toward this goal?

If your answers to all the questions above is “Yes”, you should not give up easily before you reach the goal. Once you make up your mind to fight for it, you should keep a positive and persevering mind. Be ready to face difficulties. And believe in yourself!

Tip Three: You Are Not Alone

Most of the time, successful people have their goals reached with the support of other people. The power of teamwork is amazing, especially when the goal is too big for an individual to reach. For example, students can finish a big project faster and better. They tend to have more fun in a group, too. If you are a member of a team that has a common goal, pay attention to the following aspects to help you accomplish your goal:

  • Show Respect
  • Have Effective Communication
  • Compromise When Needed
  • Contribute Your Own Voice
  • Use Each Others’ Strength
  • Encourage Each Other
  • Basic Trust
  • Check this post to lean how to master the group project

Tip Four: Review And Celebrate

  • Review: Do not just go forward without looking back. Review your progress regularly, so that you can find your strength and weakness. Looking back can also give you the chance to avoid going to the wrong direction. For instance, you may find that you made no progress using a certain studying method for a time period. It is okay, because you can always try other learning styles.
  • Celebrate: You should celebrate when you make progress or reach your goals! You totally deserve the celebration after working hard to get where you are. Sharing your achievement and happiness with others will give you more confidence and courage to reach higher goals.

For more tips on accomplishing your goals, check this website.

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