How to Avoid the Death of Your Jeans

RIP Jeans. At least, that’s what you will be saying if you keep up eating fast food late and night, and pulling all nighters! It’s no question that the college lifestyle is an unhealthy one in all areas, from fitness to sleep to diet. Unfortunately, when you do things like eat at night and study late into the night, your body is not going to only suffer that night – it’ll suffer the next day too, from exhaustion. Basically, you won’t be able to get enough carbohydrates and you’ll just keep eating to stay awake!

Avoid having to dispose of your jeans by staying fit! (photo by mbtrama)

Avoid having to dispose of your jeans by staying fit! (photo by mbtrama)

To avoid the death of your jeans, you’re going to want to have a game plan. And by death of your jeans, I mean your waist must not grow to exceed the width of the band – rendering you unable to button said jeans.

To avoid late-night regret, you should always have healthy snacks lying around – whether that be grape tomatoes, apples, or perhaps even wasabi peas. No matter what you do, opt for the healthier choice. This will be one of the most important things you can do when snacking late at night is regrettably unavoidable.

Of course, this also means being responsible: you can avoid the death of your jeans by responsibly getting a good amount of sleep. You know your body best – whether that means that you need five, seven, or nine hours of sleep – by all means, do it. Your body will thank you and so will your mind when you’re in class the next morning, bright and early.

As I stated previously, you’ll suffer the next day from exhaustion. You’ll cram whatever you can into your mouth, without thinking about it, like a mindless zombie. Don’t get me wrong. We’ve all done it. And we’re all very ashamed.

Another smart thing to do is to avoid drinking. Drinking is under the umbrella of what I would like to call “empty calories,” because you’re not getting any nutrition from it (actually harming your body more than doing it good, but that’s a bit self-explanatory) – and you’re most likely going to stay up later, take in more empty calories, and then eat random crap that you don’t really want to eat, but can’t seem to not.

Unfortunately, college is a metaphorical haven for drinking and living a “too fast” lifestyle. You just have to be better than the alcohol – and better than the parties. And what I mean by that is to be able to say no to it.

Trust me, it will take some time. But it’s all for the welfare of your waistline and your jeans.

Need motivation to do the above? Think about it this way – If you can’t fit your jeans anymore, jeans that you have paid most likely twenty to fifty dollars for – all because of the alcohol, late night food, and lack of sleep that you also paid for – then it is no wonder that you are incredibly broke. And expanding physically.

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