How to Balance Time and Work

Homework is hated and dreaded. Students procrastinate and try to hide their homework away. People do not necessarily enjoy homework but it does need to be done and it is beneficial. You must practice and obtain in order to understand a class or subject. Sleep on the other hand i beloved. People can not wait to slide into their beds and wrap themselves up in a blanket and catch some z’s. It refreshes us and calms us. People take naps to relax and get some more energy before going on with the day. Despite the obvious differences, we need to make time for both. For high school students and really students in general, finding the balance between relaxation and work is the key to succeeding. We all want to sleep until we can not anymore but sometimes we have to use time wisely and properly. Management of both will lead you to success.

How to balance sleep and work.(photo credit Tobyotter)

Guidelines to follow:

  • Realize how long an assignment will take. When you get an essay or a research paper, you know that doing it the night before is not going to get you a very good grade and that you will need more time to fully analyze and explain. Give yourself one day to fully plan and deconstruct the prompt. Give yourself another day to make a rough draft and then the day after that to make a final draft. Some essays may take longer and some shorter. It depends on the assignment. Book work may take one night and project may take a week. Deep down you know when something will take longer than usual and you should think about it when planning when to do it. We all want to procrastinate and watch t.v. or go out but when it is time to do work, work needs to be done. You will not get far if you can not get things done on time and correctly. 
  • Control your stress level. Stress is inevitable but there are ways to control it or lower the level of it. Stress tends to rise when we get a large amount of assignments or when we left things last minute. If you seem to have a lot of work to do in what seems like a small period of time, use a calendar or some kind of planner to plan it all out and remind yourself of certain things. Most of the time when we feel like we do not have enough time to accomplish things is because we did not plan accordingly. Never ever wait last minute to do a large amount of work because it will not be your best work and it will take a toll on you.
  • Work before sleep. In some occasions taking a nap is exactly what you need because it can refresh your mind but it might cause you to stay up and take longer to do your work. The better method is to get all your work out of the way, completely focus, and then get your rest. Our mental and physical health relies on how we take care of our bodies. We must rest and not stress ourselves out too much.


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