How To: Become a Morning Person

I’ve been both a night owl and a morning person in my life. I was able to both – as long as I had a fair amount of sleep the night before. However, now I’m finding that I wake up at eight in the morning, after going to bed at three or four in the morning – and it is killing me to get up. I still do it – I have to. But I don’t want to, whereas I used to jump right up with sleepy eyes but an upbeat heart. Of course, that’s my own fault – but that did inspire me to write this article on how to become a morning person. I guess I don’t have to live without upbeat mornings!

Yes, I'm speaking to you, fellow colleague! (photo by MyAngelG)

Yes, I’m speaking to you, fellow colleague! (photo by MyAngelG)

So – like any other normal person, I used the internet to do research on the subject. Page after page came up and of course, there were practical ways to get up. Setting your alarm clock to music that will wake you up, going to bed earlier, and even drinking coffee or another caffeine-filled drink – but those things are all practical things. They don’t make you a morning person. They make you act like a morning person. There’s a huge difference.

So the first article I went to that didn’t say just to do those things happened to be one that gave me the most useful information. The reason it caught my eye was the simple line, “But becoming a morning person is more than just forcing yourself to rise with the sun.”

Of course, the article then went on to give practical reasonings that I will cover in list format for an easy read for my readers here at Distance Learning. 

  • Sleep, because without it, our reaction times slow down, our blood pressure rises, and we tend to eat more.
    The last one has me cringing.
  • Turn off any artificial lights.
    If it means even getting black-out curtains, do it. Face electronics away from you and towards the floor so that you don’t have to see them. A pitch black room helps to relax you, unless you’re afraid of the dark.
  • Find the right position for sleep.
    They say sleeping on your back prevents back pain, side sleeping prevents heartburn and acid reflux, and sleeping on your stomach may stop snoring. You have to find what works for you and what helps you get up in the morning.
  • Don’t eat or drink these things before bed: spicy foods, chocolate, and alcohol. All have various reasonings – but just trust that these things can keep you up, either from caffeine, indigestion, or drunken stumbles to the bathroom.
  • Read a book to tire your eyes out.
  • Taking a hot shower.
    We all know the feeling of stepping out into a cold room after a hot shower. That can decrease your body temperature enough to make it comfortable for sleep.
  • Listen to something calming, whether it be nature sounds or the sound of a fan spinning in your room.
  • Get a good mattress.
    I know this one. This one can make it impossible to sleep well.
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