How To: Deal with Final Exam Stress

I’ve screwed up a lot this year in college so far. I just wasn’t expecting to have to put so much time and dedication into it. And I’m very unorganized. So, yes, the rest of the semester I will be playing catch up. It’s just difficult for me to find a balance between two jobs, a social life, and being a full-time college student. But I’m not trying to give you my sob story – I’m just saying, if there’s anyone who knows that college means stress, it’s me. My first college exam is in two and a half weeks. And I’m worried, because as I said – I’m not exactly top of the class right now.

Don't bug out just yet. (photo by Jixar)

Don’t bug out just yet. (photo by Jixar)

Here’s some tips to help you deal with the stress of knowing your grade will soon be set in stone (comforting, I know.)

#1. Don’t hang around stressful people.

This one actually works both ways. Not only will other people’s negativity not be transferred onto you – but the people who are stressful need time to be alone, to configure themselves, and to focus on the things that matter – the things that make them less stressed in the end of all of this. The funny thing is, I’m the kind of person that you want to avoid right now. But that’s more than fine, because I understand that I do have to buckle down if I want to maintain good grades.

#2. Take care of your body.

If there’s one thing that I learned from high school, it’s that whenever you have a big test that you’re worried about, you’re going to get sick the same week and it’s going to try to ruin you. Now, I’ve never been through a final exam in college yet – but I assume it’s the same factor. Actually, I know a girl who got hives from the amount of stress she had during exam week. Not fun.

What can you do to combat it, you ask?

Well, although it’s indirect – when you eat healthy and exercise adequately, you are helping your body fight off sickness. You are also releasing stress. You are also making your brain more aware and alert. So don’t take these things for granted!

#3. Learn how to say no.

This tip branches out to number one. If you know you’ve got stuff to take care of, you have to, have to, have to (I can’t stress it enough!) learn how to say no to your friends. To your leisure time. Now, I’m an advocate of “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” but sometimes, some weeks – like final exam week – it is perfectly acceptable.

#4. Be optimistic.

When you think things are going to crash and burn, they’re more than likely going to crash and burn. I don’t believe in some sort of ideology that you can create your future by mere thought – but as I have paraphrased before – ¬†whether you think you’re right or wrong, you’re correct.

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