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When students attend a traditional university, there are certain resources that are available year round. Aside from libraries and counselors, there are usually also tutoring services provided. Even if not free, most schools will provide availability of tutors to assist students who are struggling with their course load.

E-tutoring is available for all ages, photo by familymwr

This is something that on-line programs have not caught up with (or at least, haven’t caught up with YET, I’m sure in time the larger schools will offer something). But it doesn’t mean that a student starting to fall behind, or having trouble grasping the material for a course, has no options. Just because a school doesn’t provide tutoring does not exclude a student from seeking out a tutor on their own.

No matter where you live or where you go to school, there are a lot of options out there for you to get tutoring or help with your school work. Here are but a few of them:

Smarthinking is based on a proprietary whiteboard program, and claims to be “research based and research proven.” Thousands of different students and faculty collaborated on the system, making it a unique online tutoring experience, available any time, any day, from any internet source. This is a tutor that can literally fit in the palm of your hand.

EduWizards is one of the largest on-line tutoring sites on the internet, and radically different in approach than Smarthinking. Eduwizards is a collections of experts and teachers in dozens of different courses and fields of study, and the site allows students to pick and choose the tutor they want for a subject, and then set up an on-line one-on-one conference between the two. And allegedly, the tutors give free half-hour tutoring sessions during the trial period, with no strings attached.

Tutor Tutors is one the biggest sites I’ve found on the subject. It’s a storehouse for tutors, for both on-line and in person tutoring sessions. Visitors to the site can sign up to find someone to tutor them, or even to register to become a tutor themselves.

If you are looking to find a real-time tutor for face to face study sessions, one of the local options is Craigslist, which will host ads from local tutors looking for students to work with. The cost of these tutors varies, there is no standard when dealing with amateurs. Also, it bears mentioning that if setting up a face to face meeting with anyone from the internet, please arrange to do so in a public place, and exchange contact information ahead of time. There are a lot of weirdos out there, so make sure you get a good tutor, and not a weirdo.

And don’t be afraid to contact your local library, or a local college or community college. Even if you are not studying at the school, they may be able to refer you to tutors or experts who can help you.

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