How To: Get Back On a Regular Sleep Schedule

It’s Summertime, and even though that should entail that we, as students, get more sleep – for some of us, it means three times as many sleepless nights. Of course, the difference is the stress level and anxiety that one would get with school versus in the Summertime. Regardless, school is about to rear it’s head, and you’re going to have to try to somewhat normalize your sleep patterns so that you don’t pass out during the school day. Besides, no one likes waking up to a big drool puddle on their desk.

What sleepless nights do to us (photo by Mike "Dakinewavamon" Kline)

What sleepless nights do to us (photo by Mike “Dakinewavamon” Kline)

#1. Give Yourself Some Room to Change Your Sleeping Schedule

The first mistake that people make is thinking that they can alter their sleeping schedule in a relatively short amount of time. When I say relatively short, I mean within a couple of days. That is simply not the case. To ensure that your sleeping schedule will be in order when school comes around, you will need to be persistent about changing your sleep schedule a minimum of two weeks prior to the first day of school.

#2. Use Four Day Intervals as a Means to Get Ready

This tip comes from wikihow’s article on How To Get Your Sleeping Schedule Back on Track for School. What they have advised you to do is go to sleep at 12 AM for the first four days, setting your alarm for 9:30 AM. The same with the next four days, but simply switching the times to an hour earlier each division.

#3. Use the Routines That You Normally Use

Your body is used to your routine before sleep. Whether it be the unintentional or intentional, you do have a routine. That routine may be along the lines of brushing your teeth, putting your hair up, and taking out your contacts. Your body will recognize these cues and you will fall asleep a lot faster.

#4. Can’t Sleep? Use These Tricks

If you have anxiety… blow on your thumb. It may sound odd but it will calm you and regulate your breathing.

If your mind is awake… read a book. It will make your eyes sleepier and sleepier.

#5. It’s Not Just About Sleep

If you really want to optimize the regulation of your sleep habits, you have to change the rest of your habits as well. If your body normally craves food around 8PM, you’ll have to train your body to eat at 7PM so as to ensure that your body thinks everything is fairly normal – besides the timing.

If you follow these tips, you’ll be back on a school-ready sleep schedule in no time at all. You’ll be well rested for those first few days of school and you’ll thank yourself all the while, as your friends can barely keep their eyes open and their heads up during the teacher’s introduction to the classroom. And as an added bonus – you’ll make a better first impression this way than if you were drooling on top of your desk!

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