How To: Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck for the School Year

In the past I’ve written “how to” articles on various subjects, such as writing poetry and compile an effective resume. Now here’s one that’s perhaps the easiest of all I’ve written – it just takes a little bit of time and patience on your part! There are so many ways to save money for school – whether you are in high school or college. And just think – with that money left over, you could have one last hurrah before the school year starts!

Coupons can be your best friend. (photo by Hobbies on a Budget)

Coupons can be your best friend. (photo by Hobbies on a Budget)

#1. Look around your house first

Chances are, you don’t need to buy an entire list of new supplies every year. Things like scissors and glue sticks don’t need to be replaced. In fact, crayons don’t even need to either! Have a rubber ice cube tray? You can melt the crayon waxes together to make crayons that look new but are completely old! This will definitely save you some money.

#2. Get the cheaper necessities second

Target has been known to sell spiral notebooks for ten cents each (of course you’re limited in the quantity you can purchase at one time, but these kind of deals are definitely worth while!) Buy these kind of things first, and then use extra money for things you don’t really need – but would enjoy.

#3. Be creative

Sure, you may want that Hello Kitty folder or that Iron Man binder, but a better option is to get normal, plain school supplies, purchase permanent markers, and personalize your own things! If you’re more of the artsy type, drawing Hello Kitty or Iron Man may not be that difficult – and you would have a one-of-a-kind school supply that no one else would have!

#4. Stock up on printer ink

You don’t think about the expense of something like printer ink, but in college (or even high school) you’re going to need quite a bit of it! I have heard horror stories of college students spending roughly fifty dollars a month for standard printer ink. If you’re smart about it, during a sale time, or before school seasons roll around, you may be able to stock up on some – which would definitely benefit you!

#5. Buy a reasonable amount of clothes, making sure to pick up staples

It’s tradition to go back-to-school clothes shopping – where parents spend their money to send their kids to school, where they will get ketchup on their white shirt, and their shoes will become caked with mud. Be reasonable – don’t go overboard when your kid already has five pairs of jeans that fit just fine (because chances are, he/she doesn’t need the sixth.) Staples can include: blue jeans, sneakers, button down shirts, jackets, and socks.

#6. Look for the best deals

If you know someone who has a graphing calculator they have no use for, try to ask if they will sell/give that item to you. Things can be expensive, and there’s no reason to waste money when you don’t have to. The same thing can be said for items such as caps and gowns and honor stoles and cords.

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