How to Handle College Anxiety


Dealing with college nerves.(photo credit tim sackton)

There are but just a couple days until senior year is over. The days of walking through the halls in your high school will be done. No more high school football games, dances, or events. It is a bittersweet but common feeling. You are also excited and ready to be an adult and go on your own. You may feel tired of being told what to do and want to make your own decisions. College is an exciting part of your life and so many new obstacles and events will come but anxiety and nerves are common to feel when heading off to college. You can not just go to your mom’s room when you are having a bad day and you can not just say no to studying because you do not feel like it. College has more freedom but also more responsibility. No one is going to be around to remind you of things that need to be done. Professors will not treat you how your high school teachers did. It is a big change and you are expected to act like an adult and be able to handle it. You should be strong and prepared but also know that all those feelings are perfectly normal and able to control.

Tips on calming down your anxiety as you head off to college:

  • You may not think you are ready, but you are. No one would let you go off if you were not ready. The university admitted you because you are qualified and they want you there. There was no mistake. Do not doubt your ability to succeed in the university. You are capable and will do great things at whatever you set your mind to. 
  • Yes there are people and places you are leaving behind but it is not forever. It is for some years and for good reason. You can keep in touch with the people you wish to. It may not be the same but they would want what is best for you and what is best for you is for you to go off and become what you wish to be and excel.
  • You can always visit your home when you wish to but do not become dependent. If you visit home to recently from moving away to a university, you will only prolong your ability to move on. You need time to get adjusted and familiar with your new surroundings. Wait until you are ready to visit and do not visit too often.
  • Enjoy the little things such as packing and buying new things.
  • Be happy. Be proud. You are now on your own. You have been wishing to be independent for so long and now it is time to prove yourself. Flap your wings and fly off and show how much you can really do.
  • Your parents are there to support you in whatever way you need. They have been in your shoes. Do not shut them out but also do not depend on them too much.

College is not an easy transition but it is worthwhile.

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