How To Know if College Isn’t For You

It seems to be the socially acceptable thing to do – that is, go to college after high school. However, college was not made for everyone. To put it nicely, we need people to do jobs like lay tile down. Now it seems as if there are too many people with degrees and not enough jobs available to supply the graduate students in question. Perhaps you are wondering yourself if college is the right thing for you to do. How does one know whether or not college is the step in the right direction for them?

The decision to attend colleges can leave you feeling restless. (photo by Wonderlane)

The decision to attend colleges can leave you feeling restless. (photo by Wonderlane)

According to cracked, the reason to go to college is to go for a professional degree. If you are interested in a career that requires anything lower than a professional degree, college will be a waste of time for you. The trick is knowing what you need to do what you want to do. Also, it helps to understand that you’re not guaranteed a job in your field just because you have a piece of paper that says you’re qualified to do that job.

In fact, many people thrive without a college degree, technical degree, or any other certification. There are many jobs that one can do without a college degree. There have been several famous persons that have made themselves billionaires without a college degree, as described by my past article entitled, “Successful People Who Didn’t Finish College.”

For many high school graduates who are not so eager to enter college and are not aware of what they will do for a career field, it is a scary thought to think you could wallow yourself in debt upon debt, and perhaps may not end up with a college degree. Nobody wants to be put into a position where they are forced to choose their fate. Chances are, if you are forced to pick, you will not pick the best career choice for you.

The prospect of broadening your mind, getting to know yourself, and understanding your individual abilities are what they claim will help you to choose your academic path, in this page on Quora.

Chances are if you have a hunch that college isn’t right for you, and your reasoning is not based upon a culture shock, it isn’t right for you. Your mind will be limited by what you believe you can do anyway; if you believe that you will fail, you are most likely going to fail because you’ve mentally limited yourself, and will say things along the lines of, “I don’t need to study; there’s no hope for me passing this exam anyway.” If you believe that you are going to succeed, chances are you will work your hardest to succeed.

Again, if you feel like it is necessary for you to figure out what to do with your life, travelling (ie. broadening the mind,) introspecting (ie. getting to know yourself,) and utilizing tools like aptitude tests (to find your best abilities) will help in your future career – whether you receive that career through a college degree, technical certification, or perhaps no certification whatsoever.

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