How To: Live Off-Campus

Living off-campus at a four year university must be significantly different from living off-campus at a community college (which probably is because most community colleges don’t have on-campus housing) but it’s still a way of life that needs careful planning – that is, if you want to show up to class on time.

Living off-campus can be fun, too! (photo by thisgeekredes)

Living off-campus can be fun, too! (photo by thisgeekredes)

#1. Show Up in Your Gym Clothes A Lot

The reason for this is simple: you’re still paying for the gym at your college. You’re also paying for the technology available to you, as well as if your university has a pool. Basically – if you’re living off-campus, you won’t have the luxury of going to your dorm, changing, then making your way to the gym. Actually, I probably wouldn’t even be motivated for that – I’d get to my dorm and then fall asleep. Show up in your gym clothes. It’s a lot easier this way.

#2. Show Up To Class On Time

You’ll have to get used to commuting, as well as realizing that you won’t have the same parking space every single time. Plan accordingly, because otherwise, you won’t show up on time – and it’s no fun when your professor calls you out on it.

#3. Be Responsible

If you have to drive to campus in the morning, don’t drink the night before. Alcohol will stay in your system usually at most for eight hours, so if you have a class at seven, you basically have to be done drinking at eleven at night, which is usually when you probably would start.

#4. Make Campus Feel Like Home

Join a club or organization, like a health club, get a job on campus, do something! Just because you’re a commuter doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the perks of college. In fact, to motivate commuters, US News states that:

“At Philadelphia University, commuters are eligible for prizes, from gift cards to local eateries to Nintendo Wiis, if they attend on-campus events, get good grades, or seek out a tutor.”

Of course, you will miss out on some things, like…

#1. A Place to Rest Between Classes

That’s why you see them sleeping in their cars, on benches around campus, and the library.

#2. More Help Outside of Class

If you’re the kind of person who needs help in class, you should probably make a few friends who you can text if you miss a day, or don’t really understand the assignment due at midnight.

The thing to understand is that living off campus is significantly different than living on campus. You have to put in a lot more effort to even show up to class, not to mention be involved. It seems like a harder life, but in lieu of the money you’ll save, it may be worth it for some more than others.

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