How To: Motivate Yourself to Work Out

We all know those nights where you’re out til the only things open are the twenty-four hour McDonald’s and the Denny’s down the road. And frankly, those nights add up really quickly on your body. Not only are you most likely going to pass out once you get home, but you’re also most likely not going to exercise that day or night from a sleep deprivation. It’s not that any amount of exercise can make up for how we treat our bodies nutrition wise, but this article is simply about finding a balance between working out and living in this unhealthy college-aged lifestyle.

What better motivation than urgency? (photo by Flotographic Arts)

What better motivation than urgency? (photo by Flotographic Arts)

#1. Get a Work Out Partner

Chances are, you won’t want to make your friend suffer on their fitness journey by bailing out when they need you for something (esp. tennis, volleyball, or even just company for a class) – so it’s a great idea to get a work out partner. Plus, if it’s someone you’re close with, it’ll make working out seem that much funner – and not as much of a chore (if you feel that working out is!)

#2. Set Aside a Time and Date

If you have plans to execute involving exercise, you’re more likely to stick to your schedule. Especially if #1 and #2 are coupled together. Regardless, even if you’re working out alone, you should always set a time and date. Whether you want to work out six days a week or three, making a schedule for yourself and actively fitting a time for work out in your day-to-day life is what is going to make working out consistent for you.

#3. Remember Your Goal

Whatever your goal may be, keep it in your mind always. If it’s dangling in front of your face, and you’re actively dangling it, you’ll be more inclined to reach your goals. It’s the easiest way to motivate yourself. For me, it’s looking at a before and during picture of myself when I reached the halfway mark to my goal. If I can look at myself with as much progress as I had, there’s no limit to what I could do. I could reach the other half of my goal.

I wish the best for you on your journey. Remember, it is okay to have these type of nights. It’s okay to have these bad meals. It’s okay to have these exercise-less days. The key is simply to have all of those things in moderation, just like everything should be. As they say, everything in moderation, including moderation. So if you mess up – if you don’t do all of these things – don’t stress about it! They’re going to change with you just as you change your lifestyle.

And in the end, that’s what makes you fit and healthy. It’s the little things that add up into a habitual lifestyle that makes you motivated. That makes you want to keep going. Especially when you start seeing your work appear on your body.

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