How To Relieve Stress

Suddenly it all rushes in at once. The exams, projects, and course work unravel into a heavy ton placed on your shoulders. The pressure builds, expectations rise, and drastically of all, the stress levels heighten. How do you turn it off? Globally, every human being is asking the same question. Unfortunately there is no way to completely flip the switch but hold onto your hope. There are, luckily, ways to cope with the stress.  A few techniques are as followed:


Music goes beyond the simple tunes. (Photo credits to nan palmero on Flickr.)

1. Music
Whether you are into jazz, rock, hip-hop, pop, or even classical, music has been proven to be a powerful stress reliever. In fact, it has been used to relieve patients  before and after their surgeries to improve health. It holds an ability to relax the tension in one’s nerves and reduce burnout. Multiple surveys have found that nearly fifty percent of people listen to music when they are stressed out. In addition to listening to music, composing it is also effective. The strings of the guitar or the tunes from the piano can help you temporarily set the worries aside and just compose. Instead of the brain constantly pondering on late bills or the next huge test coming up, they let go and create a melody worth listening to.

2. Taking a Walk
After being glued to a seat hours upon hours, you need to obtain a fresh amount of air. By taking a walk you can set your eyes off that five page report and indulge in the beauty of nature. The calm vibes from the weather pave way to relaxation. It is the change to free your fingers from the keyboard. You could even find yourself smiling at your neighbors. Taking a walk and going that extra mile makes a difference. It gives you a break from the struggles and allows you to think clearly.

3. Cleaning
It may sound silly but cleaning benefits. Whether you are working on an assignment in a clean room versus one that has the empty path only leading from your bed to the door makes a difference. When you clean and have a tidy, organized environment, it gives one a sense of accomplishment. That accomplishment leads you to strive harder in completing tasks. The motivation is finally there. It is like cleaning out the dust in your brain and allowing a filter to clear up muck. The motivation is your fuel to crossing the finish line on those duties that have stressed you lately.

4. Plan Your Time Wisely
Too often, things that are late are the reasons for our stress levels to sky rocket. The pressure to get those bills paid or that assignment completed is poignant. To relieve this stress, you need to plan your time wisely. Take a couple minutes to write out everything you need to do and when they need to be done by. You will find these couple of minutes highly efficient when you finally got them done on time. It is your key to avoiding that future stress.

So grab your mp3 and listen to music, go out and take a walk, organize that mess in your house, or take out that agenda and record those given tasks. Relax and let that stress go. Everything will get easier and that weight on your shoulders can be eased. These are not the only techniques you can try. Make up your own. Engage in your interests and do what makes you happy because unstated, number five in the list is the strongest stress reliever of all, smiling.

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