How to Wake Up Early

To avoid setting multiple alarms and then sleeping through every single one (guilty…), there are things you can do to make sure that you’ll wake up just as early as you want, or are forced to. For me, Fridays are the only days that I have to wake up early – and it’s such a drag, considering I usually wait til the last minute to do copious amount of Chemistry work. Sorry, not sorry.

The question we all must ask ourselves (photo by Arenamontanus)

The question we all must ask ourselves (photo by Arenamontanus)

Although this article by Refinery 29 is about waking up to work out (which is substantially better and easier than waking up to go to class in my opinion), it’s still worth the read and can help you learn how to wake up early. To view it, click here. Otherwise, read these quotes from it.

The first quote is from the Editorial Production Assistant of Refinery 29, Laurie Espinio:

“As far as getting up, I set four alarms, 20 minutes apart, starting at 5:30 a.m. This is because I am a deep sleeper and actually don’t like getting up so early. I also set it to the most annoying alarm on my phone and put it on the other side of the room. This way, I HAVE to get out of bed in order to turn off the alarm. Once I’m up, I splash my face with cold water and down a glass of ice-cold water. The brain freeze helps me stay awake. Finally, I take two shots of espresso so I have excess energy I need to use up at the gym.”

  • Essentially, you’re going to want to set multiple alarms and shock yourself awake by dousing yourself in cold water.

The second comes from the Executive Editor, Neha Ghandi:

“I think the toughest thing about early morning workouts is making sure it will fit into your schedule for the day and whether you’ve planned accordingly the night before. If you know you’ve got a week of late nights ahead, you need to be smart about how you plan your mornings. Staying out late partying, then expecting the get up early, is unrealistic. Now, some people believe that early morning risers have to sacrifice evening social life at times. I disagree. All it takes is a little will power and planning and you can fit both into your weekly schedule, with no problem!”

  • Essentially, you’re going to want to limit the time you spend out the night before an event where you have to get up early.

Ooh, I’m feeling the pressure on this one.

Just remember that, although these quotes are pertinent to working out early in the morning – that doesn’t mean that they aren’t pertinent to getting up for class, or getting up to run very adult errands like going to the bank. Yuck. They’re pertinent for all reasons you should get up in the morning.

All I can think about is one of my favorite songs, Spooky Scary by Spraynard, that has the lyric, “Let’s get out of bed, even when we don’t want to.”

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