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Once we have an established resume and cover letter, and a company has called you to schedule an interview, you may feel like you’re in the clear. However, an interview is the next big step in acquiring a job and it is the one that will truly show your prospective employer whether or not you are worth their time. There are several things you will want to do to impress the interviewer during your interview.

You probably won't want to dress like this for your job interview. (photo by ted murphy)

You probably won’t want to dress like this for your job interview. (photo by ted murphy)

1. Mentally Prepare for Questioning

The point of an interview is to get to know you better as a person – to see your skills, how well you adapt, how you act with people, among other things. You can easily look up basic questions that are asked in interviews to get an idea of how you will answer these questions. You can even practice with a friend to ensure that you know how you are going to answer ahead of time – as interviews seem to be a particularly daunting task.

Remember, don’t get flustered if a question is asked that you weren’t prepared for though. Be aware of answering questions too quickly. If you aren’t sure what they meant, ask. It simply is better than answering a question that you aren’t truly sure of, and you seem much more stable as a person when you do these things.

2. Dress Well

Of course, this doesn’t seem like that big of a deal but your interviewer is going to judge you based upon how you are dressed. Are you taking their time seriously? Your looks – whether it be messy hair, chipped nail polish, or piercings, may directly correlate to whether or not you get the job. You want to look posh, but not overdone. For tips and advice you can visit sites such as to gain inspiration for your wardrobe.

3. Body Language

Your body language will also tell a person whether or not you are worth their time. From your handshake to the way you remain eye contact, all things are being observed for various qualities. As they say, communication is seventy percent body language, thirty percent of what you say.

4. Prepare Questions to Ask

One of the most common mistakes that people make during interviews is not having questions for the interviewer. I, commonly, stick to three questions at most. Two will suffice if you honestly have nothing to ask. Examples of these questions are as follows: “How can I exceed your expectations?” “If I were to go into work tomorrow, what would be number one on my to-do list?” and “Do you like your job?” Of course, you are not limited to these questions – they are just good examples of what you can ask.

The best thing you can do for yourself in an interview is remain a disposition of being calm, cool, and collected. However, you want to have a good balance. Being nonchalant about the job is going to get you no where, just as being too nervous will give you bad body language and communication skills.

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