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Hunter College was part of the normal school boom in the nineteenth century, when teacher training was needed to fill an educational void in the country. As with most teacher colleges at the time, it was originally established only for women, but distinguished itself as being one of the only normal schools at the time to take females regardless of race or religion. It opened in a Saddle/Armory store in Manhattan in 1870, began offering a BA by 1888, and by 1902, had become an academic institution which now offers a liberal arts grounded education with popular majors spanning from accounting to nursing.

Expanding across Manhattan, Hunter became the largest women’s college in the USA, but eventually started admitting male students by 1968 (though it’s still about 75% female) and initiated an “open enrollment policy” to ensure no student in NYC’s island melting pot was denied education for any reason (another example of Hunter’s dedication to diversity).

Hunter offers degrees and certifications at all levels, from certifications to PhDs and are ever expanding their already massive campus (with a theater, two satellite campuses in the city, and a secondary/elementary school to name a few). It currently enrolls roughly 21,000 degree seeking people from all over the country/world (60 different countries actually) and is the largest college in the CUNY system (City University of New York). Degree seekers have four schools to choose from at Hunter, with 70 BS/BA programs, 75 graduate programs for Master/PhD seekers, and a number of joint programs (including BA-MA dual programs, accelerated majors, and some dual degree PhD programs). Hunter is just now a full doctoral school with the opening of its newly opened School of Public Health (making 5 schools), but maintains its dedication to education for all by consistently being in the top values for US colleges (Princeton Review).

Hunter’s distance learning options aren’t for entirely online degrees, but there are a number of hybrid courses and online offerings every semester, both in general education for undergrads, graduate studies and certification. Recognizing the importance of distance learning in our ever advancing world, Hunter has actually made some advancement in distance learning. Starting with their DigitalChalk program (their course delivery system) Hunter has worked with IBM to create software that immediately translates spoke word/video into text for hearing impaired students who are taking online courses (with the next step being education online for visually impaired students).

Overall, Hunter’s online programs aren’t relegated to one division or department and they offer learning labs that contain videoconferencing and distance learning opportunities. This allows not only for speakers to be brought to students without the need for travel, but also allows for course at other colleges to be taught for credit to Hunter students who can’t find the same courses at their school. In addition, they have help materials for professors looking to deliver their materials online or through video conference to locations around the country. This is at the core of Hunter’s online and distance learning, allowing access to learning through labs and online content around the country, all with the same measured and time-tested quality that traditional students have enjoyed on campus.

Home to world class research facilities (how could you not when you’re in the middle of the biggest city in the world) and a history of providing for the educational needs of students no matter what or who they are, Hunter is a college with the ability to help you succeed and a record to prove it.

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  1. Aundreau Anthony says:

    My name is Aundreau Anthony. I attended Hunter College between 1980- 1983 and then again around 1989. I am interested in attending online and would like to know if Hunter College has online courses in Computer Science as well as Health Science. I can be reached at (718) 570-6381, Mondays – Fridays, from 10:00am to 5:00pm. Thank you.

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