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One of many colleges in the mid 1800s established to train females, Alabama’s Tuskegee Female College was opened in 1854 with the backing of the United Methodist Church. Soon realizing their original location was too small to fit their needs, the school was moved to Montgomery by the beginning of the 20th century, a location that is now a 67 acre residential home just three hours from the Gulf Coast. By 1934, males were walking its halls (though not in residence until 1954) and it became Huntingdon College one year later.

The basis of Huntingdon education is one of “faith, wisdom, and service”, with a motto that asks of students to “enter to grow in wisdom, go forth to apply wisdom in service”. In keeping with its Methodist roots, Huntingdon saw education as an opportunity to create leaders who will serve their community (both local and global) and better the world around them. Utilizing a liberal arts core that provides “fundamental skills necessary for success”, Huntington offers undergraduates around 35 different Bachelor programs, as well as pre-professional certifications and adult learning programs.

Huntingdon enrolls 1100 students all told (about a 50-50 spilt male and female these days), with most in undergrad programs but 100-200 in adult degree completion programs. Most students are local Alabama residents, though students come from over 20 states and several countries. Popular majors skew towards Business and Science programs (biology is popular) and although there are some online course offered, there aren’t many and most learning is done face to face, part of their hands on, “experiential learning” commitment (which includes many intern and service learning opportunities).

Though there may not be a heavy online course offering, Huntingdon does give each incoming student their own laptop, theirs for the length of their enrollment at the college. Though students may not have a bevy of distance learning options, this keeps students connected to library/study materials, helps them utilize the campus wi-fi, and allows teachers to distribute course information and assignments in class and out (with SMRT classrooms); this makes Huntingdon’s computer student ratio 1:1.

Faculty ratio is also great at Huntingdon, offering an average 20 students per class and an average 15:1 faculty to student. Most teachers are highly degreed and help make the college one of Princeton Review’s “top colleges in the southeast” (it also is recognized for top value).

Huntingdon also offers many teachers certification programs in almost every popular area of study. With accredited programs in kindergarten, elementary, and secondary levels of education, they appeal to teachers of all levels and educational needs. Their Adult Degree Completion program “is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life”, with one night a week, accelerated classes that yield a BS in Business Management in as little as 18 months, with nine different locations for students in Alabama and new sessions starting every 5 weeks.

Huntingdon’s vision is one steeped in Judeo-Christian history, looking to graduate individuals who have the wisdom to use their faith in God to serve his people/world with the education attained at Huntingdon.

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