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Founded on the second floor of a downtown Bangor, Maine building, Husson University was originally conceived as the Shaw School of Business at its inception in 1898. A bit larger today, it has added to its School of Business, now housing Schools of Science and Humanities, Health, Education, and Pharmacy (as well as a Graduate School), all holding true to the original dedication to “preparing students  with a broad education and marketable skills”.

Though it languished in the first few decades of its existence, it began gaining an academic reputation after the second World War and began granting Bachelor degrees by 1953, then became a full university in the early 21st century. Today offering its 2400 undergrads and 400 graduate students degrees up to and including Master’s, as well as certification in Paralegal Studies, Husson majors run the gamut from Nursing (extensive programs here) to Education, though Business is still a hot choice.

Faculty are largely terminally degreed in their fields or have worked extensively in it, bringing that hands on knowledge to a college that values experiential learning (internships and research programs in nearby Boston are popular and extensive). Small class sizes of about 20 help keep that personal attention to learning prevalent and there is only one large, lecture hall on the entire campus.

Husson University does have online class offerings every semester, working in conjunction with other county schools (University of Maine and Washington County Community College) to create a course catalogue of over 100 online courses for both enrolled students and area residents looking for continuing education in their fields. Husson also has a geographically specific and unique program whereby students across the border can complete degrees online. Created specifically for two year business diploma earners in the Canadian Public Community College Network, Husson offers entirely online classes resulting in a B.S. in Business Administration (with an option for criminal justice majors coming soon). For those studying here in the US, Husson offers degrees that can be completed almost entirely online (though none entirely), with hybrid and distance learning options in most majors of study. Even traditional classes have online aspects, utilizing “interactive video and web-based discussion boards” to take learning outside the classroom and make it more vivid than a traditional textbook allows for.

In addition, their Extended Learning division, with two additional campuses in South Portland and Presque Isle, offers adults evening and weekend learning options. Those looking to earn a degree, or just augment learning in your chosen field, are here gives you the opportunity to earn a degree that is indistinguishable from a traditional day student’s, with all the same resources available (at all sites).

Husson’s mission is to offer a “personalized college experience”, promoting “clear thinking and communication skills”, utilizing excellence in teaching, and “searching for ethical truths in a changing world”, all to create a student who can excel in whatever their division of learning. Using their experience and history, Husson offers programs that not only educate, but allow for the experience of working everything from clinical hospital to business internships personally, thereby creating a graduate more ready to transition to the working world.

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