Importance of Education Starts at the First Word

As soon as you open you eyes for the first time, you are obtaining information. You are analyzing and trying to figure out the meanings to your surroundings. The people, objects, and sounds around a child will effect how they think. The fist toy they have will help them connect the dots more than you would think. So how can you know that a child is growing to be a successful student and person overall? You don’t but you can give them all the tools to have the opportunity to. A baby is extremely alert when born and will respond to every action and word you say.

Kids learning together in a fun activity.(Photo credit creativedc)

Many people wonder what toys and shows to let their infant obtain to have fun but maintain a healthy state of mind and learn. Education is important even at a young age because it will start off how the child thinks of learning and whether they will be open to it later on in life. A child shouldn’t be given dictionaries and maps on their third birthday with an Einstein theme; however, giving them a Leapfrog toy along with a toy car is a good balance. Everyone deserves time to ease their mind and have pure recreation time. But you need time to workout your brain muscles, especially when you are young and haven’t started to work on them. Leapfrog has a system called tag that is an electronic book that will read out loud words and sentences when you press a pen on them. The kids get to hear how words are supposed to sound and how they go with the story. The pen also sounds out how every letter is supposed to sound and then how a whole word is supposed to sound, The reader gets to hear the sounds and mimic them and then be able to read the book themselves. They are having fun with the colors of the book, the fact that its a book, and the voice of the pen that is speaking to them.

Learning is always more entertaining when someone else is speaking to you because it involves interaction. So the child is having fun with a toy but learning new words, meanings, and sounds at the same time. What a child sees is also crucial to their learning. Shows such as Sesame Street, Imagination Movers, and The Little Einsteins grab a child’s attention with the colors and story but they also give the child ideas and increase their want to know more. Sesame Street gives teaches words and numbers at least every episode and children identify Big Bird and Elmo all the time.

Its easy to get a kid’s attention but what you’re getting their attention with matters. Grab their attention, give them ideas, teach them new words, let their mind work for itself, let their imagination run wild, and let their knowledge grow. You are only a kid once and you should be able to enjoy yourself but you should also be preparing your mind for the future. A mind focused on education is one ready for anything. Education matters from grades K-12.

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