Importance of Graduation

For twelve years you are being constantly evaluated and tested by your ability to obtain knowledge the way they want you to. You hear about getting the diploma and graduating after twelve years of education. But why is it so important? What does graduation really do for you? In today’s society you can not get far without a high school diploma. The military is even now requiring that people must have at least a high school diploma. Some say that they do not care about becoming extremely successful so why should a diploma matter? It brings security and assurance. You do not know what is going to happen later on in your life. Being able to say that you completed some kind of education will make you and your future look better.

Why graduation is important and how it can benefit you and your future.(photo credit gadgetdude)

The importance of graduating from at least high school should not be underestimated. Your future employers need to have some kind of proof that you are dedicated and able to handle the job. A company or any kind of business only wants someone who will benefit the business and the success of it. So if you could not even be dedicated for twelve years in learning, why would you be able to have a job and perform what you have learned?

Principals and teachers of course realize how serious and important it is for their students to graduate and will do anything to get most of them if not all to graduate and to keep them motivated. There was a principal recently who made a statement that prom was going to be cancelled if there was not a 100% graduation rate in the school. Posters were hung up and students became anxious. Some parents actually agreed because they believed it would motivate the students and improve the school’s reputation. There are not many high schools that get a 100% graduation rate. It turned out that the statement was more of a motivational tool to get students to work harder. It is unfair to the students who will graduate so that is why it was not actually done. However, it was done to get the rate to get higher in some kind of way. Some students may have gotten upset about it but some probably went straight to the books to get their ticket to prom.

So why would that work? Some teens do not realize how crucial it is to act well now so our future will be bright. They only see now and tomorrow but they can not see a couple of years from now. By picking something that they were looking forward to and something that was soon, they could comprehend the danger and tried to fix it.

Students need to focus on now to prepare for their future. That diploma is like a golden ticket to the factory of knowledge and success. School education is something we should be grateful for and take advantage of. Obtain what you can and use it fully in the future.

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