In the Future, Will You Need a Degree?

In another recent post, I discussed the new study by Chegg that, in essence, stated that only thirty-nine percent of employers actually thought that college graduates were prepared for the workforce. That brought up the question in all of our minds: “Why am I wasting my time and money in college? Why am I losing sleep for something that I apparently don’t need?”

What Generation Y is capable of. (photo by pheezy)

What Generation Y is capable of. (photo by pheezy)

Will I even need a degree in the future?

The jobs of the future aren’t ones that necessarily require a degree. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that the fastest growing occupations of our future are in the health and medical fields, or simply “services” – meaning jobs like Stonemasonry and Event Planning.

But these aren’t low skilled jobs – unless your definition of low skilled means they’re not exactly the most school-savvy.

These jobs take smarts, just not necessarily book smarts. They also take labor – which is something that Generation Y may not fully understand. After all, we are notorious of being the lazy generation – even going as far as to say the generation that’s going to get no where.

In the same respect, the jobs of the future will also be high-paying, as according to the same chart given to you by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It’s not impossible to make a steady and high wage in these jobs – considering they will always be in demand, whereas other careers will not be.

Now, it’s not like college will be totally out of the question. There’s no way we could just completely get rid of higher education and have no impact. Obviously medical jobs will require higher education. But for some jobs of the future, like a Diagnostic Medical Sonographer. The job is highly skilled, but you don’t need college to be trained for the field. The thing is, employers are still going to pick the resumes that have college degrees on them – and not the ones who don’t.

So pick wisely.

Unfortunately, most entry level jobs make it necessary to have a college degree. Why is it, do you ask? Because college degrees have become what used to be the entry-level requirement of high school degrees. With that being the case, although you won’t need a degree, your chances of being hired of a job in a respective field is substantially higher when you have a degree versus when you don’t.

So I suppose the answer to the question – will you need a degree – is in every sense of the word up to you. It’s not like at any given moment you can’t decide, “Hey, I want to go to school,” or “Hey, maybe school isn’t the best choice for me.” Even if we are a lazy generation, things can change.

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