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Indiana State University is a medium four-year, primarily residential university located in Terre Haute, Indiana. This university has been named “Best in the Midwest” for seven consecutive years by the Princeton Review. What is notable about an Indiana State education is that, despite a student body that has breached enrollment of 10,000, students share a close relationship with their professors and have a better chance to interact with them one on one.

Indiana State offers  courses that are fully qualified and accredited, degrees from the associate’s level to the master’s level, and professional certifications. All students need to do is register the same way a regular student does and simply enroll in online courses with a major that is specified to distance learning. It’s easy to enroll; staff is trained to help in this field and has enrolled many students on a successful path to the credentials of their choice.

Some of the majors offers are Adult and Career Education, Business, Criminology/Criminal justice, Electronics Engineering Technology, Human Resource Development, Insurance & Risk Management, Mechanical Engineering Technology, Nursing, and Technology Management. Any of these can be combined with minors that are traditionally offered in tandem with these majors on campus. These are all four-year programs.

Master’s degrees are also offered for graduate students that seek degrees such as a Master of Science in Criminology, a Master of Science in Computer Technology, a Master of Arts in Human Resource Development, a Master of Arts in Public Administration, or a Master of Arts in Student Affairs and Higher Education. Degrees like these are offered with the same quality education that on-campus students receive and are equipped with the same accreditation.

There are also doctoral programs like the uncommon Doctor of Nursing Practice which completes the chain of Nursing credentials as the next step up from a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, also offered online. The other doctorate degree offered online is the Ph. D. in Technology Management. Certificates and Licensures are also available in fields like Driver Education, Career & Technical Education, and School Administration.

The college features a decent student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1, but urges, to much avail, its faculty to pay attention to each student’s education to ensure success in each course. Tuition for non-resident students enrolling full-time is $15,046/year and $530/credit hour part-time, whereas tuition for resident students comes out to $6,792/year and $245/credit hour part-time. Financial aid is provided via merit-based scholarships, need-based grants, and alumni to half of all students through the university itself, with federal, state, and local grants to fill out the rest of the recipient majority.

As Indiana State University has grown, so have its students. Its tradition of strong graduate and undergraduate has integrated research, instruction, and creative activities in a learning environment that preps students for life thereafter. The university has already earned a reputation with many different commissions, scholars, and agencies for its academics.

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