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Indiana University, located in Bloomington, Indiana, is the main campus in the Indiana University System. It has achieved a rank in the world’s top 100 universities and has even been named College of the Year by Time Magazine in 2001. There are campuses of Indiana University located all around the world in places like Amsterdam, London, Beijing, and Seoul. It is home to more than 200 research centers and research institutes, and invest 2.7 billion dollars into their educational programs, staff, and facilities every year.

The mission of Indiana University is to provide an education with a background of the liberal arts and sciences in addition to broad access to continuing education, and graduate/undergraduate programs and degrees. The university has also gone to great lengths to form partnerships with other institutions, businesses, and alumni to form a culmination of resources that is rich in opportunity. Indiana University offers a plethora of educational options in their School of Continuing Studies.

In the Independent Study Program, for instance, students can assemble their own major and register for courses year-round. There are 125 courses offered in this area which receives individualized instructor feedback. There are areas like History, Nursing, Religious Studies, Fine Arts, Geological Sciences, Business, and Astronomy to choose from in this program. Costs of this program are under $200 a credit.

Another interesting program offered by Indiana University is Indiana University High School. This is an online learning program that designed for high school students or adult students to gain high school credits to be put towards a diploma. It can also provide an alternative to a standard physical brick and mortar school. This program is accredited by the North Central Association as well as the Commission on International & Transregional Accreditation.

Also available are degrees that can be earned online for collegiate students. To start with, Associate Degrees, like an Associate of Arts in General Studies can be obtained which allows students to have a general, two-year credential that can be transferred towards a four-year institution. This degree is granted from the Indiana University School of Continuing Studies.

Also available online are an array of baccalaureate and graduate degrees, such as the Master of Science in Instructional Systems Technology, or the Master of Science in Language Education. Any of these degrees are treated with the same attention and certification that degrees earned on campus receive.

With a growing body of over 40,000 students, the university is a growing center for activity, employment, education, and scholarship. Using the advantage of their size, students have access to a campus rich in resources and diverse educational paths. The university doesn’t feel like it’s crowded with students, whether the student attends at a distance or directly and this is due to the efforts of the school to keep a good number of faculty available for each student. Beyond that, resources are virtually endless and a student can find their place in Indiana University simply by choosing their own path.

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