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Indiana University – Purdue University Fort Wayne is a large university, located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, that is a part of the merged Indiana – Purdue University circuit. This sibling university concentrates on an education that will most effectively prepare the student for a professional career. This involves hands-on training and topics most relevant to their occupations, which makes the transition from college to career as seamless as possible.

In conjunction with subsequent universities, communities, and the Indiana – Purdue ciruit, IPFW offers an online learning program that is very flexible. The degrees offered over IPFW Online Learning are primarily meant to be put towards another degree of higher education, this makes IPFW an excellent resource for cutting the boilerplate work out of earning an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Students can earn a Bachelor of General Studies, an Associate of Arts in General Studies, an Associate in Business, and an Associate in Psychology. Other minors are also available to supplement the degree so that it can be used by itself or furthered towards progressing credentials. Online certification is also available as part of the university’s aim to prep students for the workforce. Available online certificates include a Certificate in Civic Education and Public Advocacy, a Certificate in Computer Networking, and a Certificate in Advanced Manufacturing Management.

Some education programs require that a proctored test be completed in order to graduate. Testing Services are made easily available and can be arranged simply by calling the number provided on the website. Students can also participate in the accelerated Master of Science in Education: Educational Leadership program. This program is not only student focused, but balances theory, research, and practice. It is also fully accredited and will confer a degree with the same certification as an on-campus degree.

Other non-credential resources are offered like licensing, workshops, training, and individual courses that can be taken for whatever purpose the student requires it for. The online education programs are flexible and are designed to be shaped for each individual student.

Enrollment has breached 12,000 students and is still growing. Student to faculty ratio is at a decent 22 to 1, leaving this college with a more traditional arena-type learning environment. This is not to be taken as a lack of individualized education, but rather an efficient form of engineering consistency into each course, which is most suited for career-oriented training.

Tuition and fees for online education at IPFW is $324.75 per credit hour for undergraduate students regardless of residency. For Teacher Workshops, Graduate fees for Indiana residents amount to $298.95 per credit hour and for nonresidents comes out to $676.40 per credit hour. Financial aid is available mostly in the form of merit-based scholarships and need-based grants, with federal, state, local, and external grants available to fill any gaps.

IPFW is a sound way to bridge your education with the career you seek. The programs are certified, professionally modified, and aimed at delivering students with the training they need to feel confident from the interview right into the advanced stages of their occupations. Online learning is simply a way to make all of this available on your terms and your schedule.

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