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Indiana University Southeast is a public university, located in New Albany, Indiana, that is a sub-campus of Indiana University Bloomington and a member of the Indiana University System. The main mission of the university is to supply educational programs of the highest possible quality to prepare students for effective leadership in a growing society of technology and diversity. The university is mostly a four-year institution with a broad spread of baccalaureate degrees with some associate degrees and some master’s degree programs to supplement.

The university provides a solid array of courses in Computer Science that can be used to be put towards a degree/credential of some kind, or arranged according to the student’s preference in independent study. What’s different about IUS’s distance learning program is that staff has made the program such that the student is not required to meet their instructors throughout the semester. Exams can be and are typically arranged to be proctored, especially for distance learners participating from outside the state.

As an original offshoot of Indiana U, the university started as the Indiana University Falls City Area Center. Classes began to be held at a local high school. Eventually, as enrollment gained velocity, the school migrated into another building in Jeffersonville. The original purpose of the center was to provide basically a junior college to students of the region so that they wouldn’t have to immediately move to the Bloomington area to pursue a four-year degree. This cuts costs for students with limited resources but who also want to go away for a university.

Today, enrollment has breached 6,500 students and counting at the university with a decent student to faculty ratio of 20 to 1. The university’s majors are centered mainly around training for the corporate environment, teaching, and entrepreneurship. Popular majors are General Business & Commerce, Elementary Education & Teaching, General Studies, Secondary Education & Teaching, and the popular Nursing/Registered Nurse.

Course titles in distance learning include Intro to Computers & Their Use, Cyberspace, Introduction to Programming, Word Processing Applications, Multimedia Programming: FrontPage, Database Applications, Adventures in Computing, and Multimedia Programming: Javascript. All of these courses can be taken asynchronously and are fully-accredited. This means that credits earned online will receive the same certification as courses that are taught on campus.

As a part of the Indiana University System, tuition is much cheaper for students enrolling from inside the state. Indiana residents pay $5,184 per year full-time, and $173 per credit hour part-time. Distance learners enrolling from outside the state pay $13,344 per year, and part-time learners pay $445 per credit hour. Financial aid is available in the form of merit-based scholarships and external grants, from the IU System and other institutions.

Indiana University Southeast has grown from an appendage of a great university into a great university itself. Soon, it too will be establishing sub-campuses around the state of Indiana. All it takes is students like you that want to earn their degree from the quality staff at Indiana U.

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