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As we age, we are less inclined to learn. Just take the story of Genie, a case study in which a feral child, raised in isolation, was brought back into civilization, though not having learned to speak or articulate in any manner other than a ferocious one. It is thought that there was an age of learning in which children are like sponges – if one were to miss that mark, it would be difficult for them to learn. The same is applied to adults.

Your goal doesn't have to span so far - your goal may very well be right around the corner. (photo by lululemon athletica)

Your goal doesn’t have to span so far – your goal may very well be right around the corner. (photo by lululemon athletica)

In my last post, I discussed one of the pros of Youtube EDU to be that they offer not only educational videos to learn, but even inspirational and motivational videos to help you along your way. However, there are many stories on the internet of inspiration to continue your education. I will summarize and link some in the following paragraphs.

According to, a thirty-year old student, majoring in Business Management, is thriving in his education despite a tumor in his head the size of a baseball. The approximate amount of time a person with this type of cancer is supposed to live is about fourteen months. Even still, he is continuing life as if nothing is happening to him at all – which includes striving for the best education, and his goal of reaching a Business Management degree.

Albert Einstein has been quoted to have said, “It’s not that I’m so smart, it’s just that I stay with my problem,” here in this link. For adult learners, it is difficult to continue education – as you feel at a disadvantage. The best thing one can do for themselves is to continue learning and continue trying. Not only do they feel disadvantaged for their age – it is their circumstances that also leave them feeling as if they can not complete the task at hand. Things such as family life and work life can directly affect a person’s education.

Also from the same article, Erich Fromm, a psychoanalytist and humanist has been quoted to have said, “Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?” It is no surprise that he would say such a thing; the humanist belief in a psychological perspective is belief that one can achieve one’s own potential through any circumstance – that humans can fulfill their desires.

Visualize your end goal. Does it seem too far? Do you feel like you can’t complete the goal? The truth is that you are limited by yourself, solely. No one else can acquire an education for you. At the end of the day, it has to be you who wants it – who sees that end goal and decides that they desire it with enough fierceness that they will stop at nothing to complete said goal. With all being said, I hope this post encouraged you.

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