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The Institute of Transpersonal Psychology is a unique institute that focuses on graduate courses and has received accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. What this institute focuses on is providing a holistic education that addresses all aspects of psychology and ties them together under a single study. This allows clinicians, curious spiritual guides, caregivers who want to extend their knowledge, and even psychological consultants the opportunity to oversee the whole of transpersonal and humanistic psychology. This gives the learner a better understanding of humankind as it ought to be.

The institute was conceived under the efforts of two Doctors of Psychology: Dr. Robert Frager, and Dr. James Fadiman. The reason they founded this unique form of study is because they found that traditional studies in the field of psychology were somewhat fragmented and only explained certain aspects of the human mind. These studies didn’t quite explain the higher purposes and mechanisms behind the human mind, body, and spirit, and thusly, a field was created to correct this. The result was Transpersonal Psychology, a study that uses the subsequent studies and concentrations of Psychology to create a greater picture of understanding.

The online programs offered at the institute cover exactly this in a format accessible over the internet. The distance education department at ITP is orchestrated by the same staff and faculty that handle education on campus. In this respect, a distance learner can expect the same quality of education as a student on campus.

One of the programs offered by ITP is a doctoral program leading to a Global Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. This is a program that combines innovative research with online appendages in a program spanning 120 units. Students learn about the topics necessary to encompass Transpersonal Psychology, such as Behavioral Psychology, Humanistic Psychology, and other spiritual theories that play a role in the ultimate culmination of studies.

Students can also receive a conventional Ph.D. in Psychology, as well as a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology or a Certificate in Transpersonal Studies or even combine the courses offered at ITP for independent study. Being that the online courses are doctoral in nature, students have access to extensive library resources, technological resources, and staff on hand put there to answer any questions a distance learner may have.

Enrollment is comprised of graduate students and has stayed at about 500 students. Graduate students enrolling full-time pay $24,543 per year and $577 per credit hour. Financial aid is available through their research grants, external grants, and merit-based scholarships designed to help graduates with the cost of education.

Whether a student is on campus or online, this college is dedicated towards provided an education based in premium instruction and cutting-edge research. Understanding the entire human body is a crucial philosophy that will carry the field of psychology towards seeing the human structure as a whole and this education is readily available to those who seek to enroll.

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