Instrumental Playlist for Studying

If music is one of those things that helps you focus when it’s three in the morning and you have to finish the paper you ironically have for Intro to Music class to turn in at seven – then you’ll want this playlist. The music is calming, but lively. Instrumental, but enough to keep you focused. Here’s my go to playlist for those tough nights.

Calming but lively music for your late nights. (photo by deltafrut)

Calming but lively music for your late nights. (photo by deltafrut)

#1. Gone in Bloom and Bough – Caspian

Caspian has a bit of a dreamy vibe, but there’s enough distortion and bass that will help to keep you awake. Caspian is the type of post-rock that I enjoy listening to when I’m doing any type of math – whether it be in a math or science class – because I feel like it keeps me motivated… and those are my hardest subjects.

#2. My Memory (Instrumental Version) – Ryu

This song is from a Korean original soundtrack (ost) entitled “Winter Sonata.” My memory is a sweet song – and does come in a vocal version if you’d prefer that. Also – if you like violin – Park Joung Won does a lovely instrumental cover of this song, which still features piano.

#3. Winter – Xolo

What better way to describe the cool, airy vibe from this post rock tune than “Winter.” No, it doesn’t sound like Caspian – but it does keep me awake just like they do.

#4. Woo Boost – Rusko

This song is one of my favorite Dubstep songs. I know that seems a bit too “party-party” for a playlist dedicated to studying, but I assure you – when you need that extra kick – Dubstep is where you’ll need to go.

#5. Thai Tea – Weirddough

I’ve loved Weirddough since I discovered their modern elevator sound through Clothes Encounters off of Youtube, back when I really got into fashion and all of the aesthetics that accompanied it. Although I don’t feel like drinking Thai Tea really any time, this song is the perfect company to a mug of coffee and the warmth of your laptop on your lap.

#6. Simple Hop – Broke for Free

This song in particular was also found through watching Clothes Encounters. Which makes me wonder if all of the songs used on Sarah and Jenn’s videos (back when Sarah was still part of the channel) are good for studying. At least, the past two songs were, in my opinion.

#7. Moon – Little People

Something about this song gives me a little bit of anxiety – like something obscure or bad is about to happen. Maybe it’s the repetition of the theme in the song, maybe it’s the fact that underneath this song in my music player is a song called “Start Shootin’,” but nonetheless, a little heart-pumpin’ never hurt to help stay awake and study.

#8. Fairy Tale – Yiruma

Softer original piano music composed by my favorite composer of all time – Yiruma.

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