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Do you have interesting elective courses in your own high school? I am sure there would be some in each high school. However, there are much more interesting elective courses online that are available to high school students. Check this post to learn about virtual public schools. Here are a list of some elective courses available online ( on Florida Virtual School) that are mostly unavailable in traditional high schools:

Creative Photography is a new elective course available on Florida Virtual School. ( Photo by Light Collector)

Creative Photography is a new elective course available on Florida Virtual School. ( Photo by Light Collector)

Fun Elective Course One: Creative Photography

Creative Photography is a high school elective course available on Florida Virtual School. It contains two segments which are Creative Photography I and Creative Photography II. In this course, you will learn photography history and techniques. You will definitely improve your photography skills by taking this course. Are you a photography lover? If your answer is “YES”, you should take this course online if you have free time. A good time to take this course is during the summer vacation. You could make sure you have plenty of time to complete assignments and go out to take some awesome photographs. And remember, Florida Virtual School is completely free! Check this link to see Florida Virtual School’s description of this course.

Fun Elective Course Two:Leadership Skills Development

Leadership Skills Development is also a two-segment high school elective course on Florida Virtual School. Its purpose is to help students learn how to be successful in high school, college and later in their life through leadership skills. Leadership skills that could be developed by this course include time management, setting goals, taking actions and so on. If you want to improve yourself and are willing to spend time on it, this courses is probably right for you. And the course is offered to all students in high school no matter what grade they are in. Check this link for Florida Virtual School’s description of this course

Fun Elective Course Three: Personal and Family Finance

Personal and Family Finance is an one-segment high school elective course, so it will only contribute half credit to your high school credits. That also means that it is a much shorter class and takes less time to finish. The course is there to help students learning about economy and finance, simply how to manage their money. It is very important for high school students to start learning how to manage their money, since finance will be a big challenge when they go to college. The course will teach you as small as how to create your budget and as big as global economy. Whether you would like to major in finance in college or you just want to use your money wisely, you should take this course! Check this link for Florida Virtual School’s description of this course.

Courses listed above is just a small portion of all kinds of interesting elective courses online. You could talk to your high school counselor about signing up for online elective courses. Check this forum which is about fun online elective courses.

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