InterNIC Academic Guide to the Internet

InterNIC, which stands for Internet Network Information Center, was started in the 1970s as a “…managing body for domain names and IP addresses.” However, in later years, InterNIC was ran by a corporation called, “Internet Corportation for Assigned Names and Numbers,” or ICANN whose aim was to expand competition in the domain industry. This change occured nearly two decades ago, in 1998.

The internet has since been changed, due to InterNIC. (photo by Sean MacEntee)

The internet has since been changed, due to InterNIC. (photo by Sean MacEntee)

InterNIC, as according to wisegeek, has had a huge hand in shaping what we know as the internet today. Instead of practical uses, we are able to use the internet for fun, like Twitter. Transitioning from a majority military tool (for communications in case of failure) to a tool for businesses and privatized organizations was a controversial move that was fought against on the internet. However, it proved to be beneficial though many found it to be a hindrance. One of the six main points of an economy, primarily competition, was encouraged through InterNIC’s new utilizations. Here is where the start of sites such as godaddy and iwantmyname, that offer website domains at yearly and monthly costs.

Though you can’t find much information about InterNIC’s objectives in their Academic Guide to the Internet online, one can conclude from viewing their website, as linked here, that the Academic Guide was zooming in on aspects of Internet education, such as how to register domain names, including .com, .net, .org, and even country domain names, including .uk and .jp, among others.

Since InterNIC is technically a public service announcement, so that the masses can be educated in problem areas in regards to the internet, here are some of the questions you may encounter that InterNIC can educate you upon:

What if your registrar is not accredited?
What to do if you feel your trademark was infringed upon?
What if you’re having problems with your IP address?
What if you stumble upon incorrect information through Whois?

These were just a few of what you can learn through InterNIC’s education based website. However, you may not even know where to begin with information such as what is Whois?

Whois is a service provided by InterNIC. It also encourages competition through allowing one to get in contact with those who own a domain name. Chances are, they will sell their domain at a determined price. ICANN, that I mentioned previously, happens to regulate and own the Whois service. You can access who owns the website, what company registered the domain, and the expiration date of their ownership. It really is convenient and ensures that someone will purchase the website – whether it is the previous owner or someone watching out for it to be released to the public.

Without a doubt, the education guide – if it was still available to the public today – would help many people in their endeavors. Luckily, the website is still available and it does include information that may be pertinent to you. Though the article(s) are physically gone, the line, “What is released to the internet will remain on the internet forever,” holds true. There is information out there, we just have to know what we are looking for.

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