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Iona college is a private, Christian college set in New Rochelle, New York. Iona College has proudly received accreditation from a variety of sources, such as from the AACSB for its programs in Business, from the CSWE for its programs in Social Work, the NCATE for its degrees and programs in Teacher Education, and many other certifications not listed here. The college is more than just a campus. It’s a community of both students and scholars that are both aimed towards higher education regardless of the tier on which they already stand.

Iona’s roots can be traced back to late 1940, when a small collection of brothers and lay leaders began holding class at an affordable rate for the children of New York’s massive working class. There were courses being held in high schools when the congregation decided to group the cells together onto a single campus. Soon after, it graduated from basically a junior college to offering baccalaureate degrees starting with the Bachelor of Arts.

Iona features distance learning which allows working adults, preoccupied professionals, and isolated students to attend class without physically attending class. This means that courses can be taken on the student’s own time or even arranged to comprise their own independent study. Iona faculty teach online courses, as opposed to being orchestrated by off-hand staff or teaching assistants, and students can therefore expect the same level of quality as an on-campus Iona student.

By the repeated enrollment of students, the college has become focused on the fields of Business and Business related finance, making this a strong college to pursue Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Corporate roles, etc. Some popular majors include General Finance, the popular Business Administration & Management, General Psychology, and General Marketing/Marketing Management.

Student enrollment is poised to break 5,000 students in the next few coming years and Iona staff has fully prepared for this by maintaining a student to faculty ratio of 13 to 1. This means that, despite its rapidly growing size, the college stays its course on a dedication to individualized attention to each student’s needs and learning style. Consequently, distance learners can expect the same quality when choosing their courses.

Students enrolling full-time pay $24,406 per year, and part-time students pay $810 per credit hour. As a part of the Christian Brothers’ tradition of helping those in need, financial aid has been made extremely available at the school with all but 3% getting institutional aid from the college itself. Of course, federal grants are available as well, and also offered is the extensive help of New York’s tuition aid programs.

This college is apt to churn out a good number of business majors and accountants every year, but if you want to enroll in a different major, no course is left unattended to. Each class taken Iona is another step towards earning a well-accredited degree and another step towards pursuing a rewarding line of work in your field of choice.

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