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Iowa State University (ISU), is a public land-grant and space-grant research university located in Ames, Iowa. Iowa is an international university with a nurturing environment designed for students from the state, the country, and abroad. One of their goals is to help students achieve their dreams and uncover their passions. Another is to maintain a culturally diverse body of students that come from all over the country and more than a hundred countries worldwide. They are recognized around the globe for their extensive programs in research that can also be interdisciplinary.

Iowa State hosts a plethora of education programs that lead to a variety of degrees and certifications. For example, the university hosts a distance learning education program designed to award the Master of Science in Agronomy. Graduates can enroll in their Global Change course which studies recent changes in global biogeochemical cycles and climate. Another online course in the program is Weed Ecology and Evolutionary Biology where students learn factual information about weed life histories and evolutionary trade-offs in the realm of weed species. Undergraduate Courses include Introduction to Agronomy, Introduction to Soil Science, Introduction to Meteorology, and Global Change. Courses like these are available online and go forth the earning of a Master’s degree.

Iowa State takes a complete approach to distance learning by offering research help in areas like how to find articles and books for your assignments, or guides for specific subject areas. Distance learners can also access the Iowa State Library, and by access, the University means electronic remote access to online material, such as articles and e-books. They can even send material that is available in other libraries to your doorstep.

Other programs in distance learning at Iowa State include earning a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies, earning an undergraduate certificate in Occupational Safety. A variety of Master’s degree programs are also available for areas like Agriculture, Agricultural Education, Business Administration, Civil Engineering (with an emphasis in Construction Engineering and Management), Computer Engineering, or Electrical Engineering. Graduate Certificates are also available for fields like Biorenewable Resources and Technology, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Networking, Embedded Systems, Environmental Engineering, and Software Systems.

Enrollment at the university tops 26,000 with a decent student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1. Tuition for out of state students averages 16,514$ yearly and can vary from distance program to distance program. Financial aid is not only made available but plentiful by Iowa State. While students don’t typically receive federal, state, or local financial aid, Iowa State compensates with scholarships and other institutional aid to lower the cost of tuition.

Iowa State University has earned its rank in the top 50 public universities in the United States. They are also among 63 members of the Association of American Universities, which is an organization composed of the most highly ranked research universities between the United States and Canada. They are the birthplace of the first electronic digital computer, starting a revolution that has forever changed the global economy. It is said that they can make them same impact on your studies, your education, and your career in general.

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