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Iowa Wesleyan College is a private four-year liberal arts college located in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa and affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Their mission is clear-cut: to prepare students to succeed in a changing global environment. The Methodist Church with which it is associated contributes to the values they impart in the realm of spirituality, social justice, and general human welfare. They are committed to uniting the foundations of intellect with the realities that life bring by promoting service to others, preparing students for a life of rewarding work, and instilling enduring knowledge to enhance the variety of their expression.

Over 150 years prior, Iowa Wesleyan college had been founded in the Iowa Settlement where impulse for change, forces for action, Methodist zeal for learning, and the bold, compelled people involved were plenty. In 1842 Iowa Territorial Legislature passed a Bill to incorporate a literary institute at Mount Pleasant. Soon after, a bureaucratic structure of trustees, accounting, professors, and faculty began to form and, by 1843, 20 acres were donated to be appropriated as an institution of higher learning. Throughout their history, they broke the social mold on repeated occasions in actions like admitting women and African-Americans and awarding their first woman graduate a degree in law.

Distance Education is available at Iowa Wesleyan College, but the college doesn’t report any of its specific programs or degrees/certifications, although more information can always be obtained by contacting the college directly. Some of the most popular fields of study are Business Administration & Management, Elementary Education & Teaching, Nursing/Registered nurse, General Psychology, and Accounting. Students can major in a variety of studies from English, Biology, and Health/Physical Fitness to Accounting, Design/Visual Communications, and Fine/Studio Arts.

The college is very small in enrollment, with a yearly average of 840 students, and they tend to thrive on that smaller scale of operation. They’ve kept student to faculty ratio at a lower 13 to 1, which means the college experience at Iowa Wesleyan is most likely private and highly individualized. Undergraduate Tuition is about 20,000$ per year for students enrolling full-time, and part-time students pay $495 per credit hour. All students at IWC are receiving financial aid, yes all. This can be attributed to the fact that the college lends some type of aid to each and every student that enters the college in order to help with the cost of tuition.

The college hopes to create graduates that can make reasonable choices  that enhance both personal and civil virtues, graduates that can cooperate with other intellectual by working towards common goals, and graduates that exercise responsibility in their communities. IWC is recognized as a pioneer in higher education and its innovations in undergraduate lab science, career experience, and service learning. Enrolling at Iowa Wesleyan will not only give you the education and training necessary to pursue your field of choice, but it will put you in a small classroom environment that puts emphasis on each students education and the quality of their learning experience.

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