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Irvine University is a private college between Irvine and Cerritos, California that specializes in Law, Liberal Arts, and Business. The college believes that the most effective way to learn is via interaction with professionals that work within their field of expertise. The learning environment is a fostering area for innovation and excellence. Small classes and devoted faculty contribute to individualized instruction and personalized student-faculty interaction.

The university features a distance learning program under their subsequent College of Business that is designed to achieve what Irvine calls a Global Master in Business Administration. The program is offered in order to meet the needs of students who don’t have the time or resources to attend Irvine U on-campus. The course stresses that to effectively manage a given organization means  understanding a combination of complex global forces, practical leadership skills, ethical behavior, and the fundamentals of business practice.

The college also plans to expand its distance learning courses and online courses on the Irvine University Online Global Platform. The effort simply takes adaption of resident programs to an online format by IU staff. Current courses are certified by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary Vocational Education (BPPVE), a branch of the Department of Consumer Affairs. The college even features a sample online course for prospective students to get an idea of how the online education process will progress.

Tuition for the Global Master in Business Administration costs 200$ per “unit”. This seems to be Irvine’s equivalent of a college credit hour. Some students receive federal grants, others receive state and local grants, and a small fraction of students partake in student loans. This is probably due to the fact that Irvine University has kept its costs low, reasonable, and thus affordable for most.

Some popular majors at Irvine are Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies, Business Administration & Management, Child Development, Accounting, and Criminal Justice/Police Science. The Irvine College of Law offers the Juris Doctor degree (JD). The Irvine College of Business offers the Bachelor of Business (BBA), the common Master of Business (MBA), and the uncommon Doctor of Business (DBA). The Irvine College of Liberal Arts features a Bachelor in Education (B.A.Ed.), a Master in Education (M.A.Ed.), a Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.), a Master of Arts in TESOL, and several certificate programs.

The college strives to offer an affordable, high quality education to students who need it most. Students who want to engage in litigation and other legal work can enjoy the benefits of a legal education. Those who are not law practitioners can enroll to learn more about business and protecting business interests. Those who do not fit into either of the previous categories can simply learn more about Judicial functions and the American system of government. Irvine University belongs to the Chamber of Commerce as an institution of higher learning; through the Chamber of Commerce, they provide businessman and businesswomen access to education, trained researchers, and employable graduate students.

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