Is a Creative Writing Degree right for You?

Southern New Hampshire University recently caught my eye for a degree program that I hadn’t seen before. Well, at least I hadn’t seen so well-defined before.

Can you turn your passion for writing into a degree? Photo courtesy ErikKPhoto

Creative Writing is not something dream of studying in college, but it is something many people wish they could study in college. Instead of learning dates and numbers, memorizing theorems, and studying ancient events, many people daydream of just writing. Poetry, stories, novels, even non-fiction, everyone has a story to tell. But going to school to learn the best way to tell that story doesn’t occur to most people.

Southern New Hampshire University has developed a multi-tiered on-line degree program, with four different focuses and certifications, depending on what kind of writing the student is interested in.

The schools official website promotes the writing program as such “Our online degree in Creative Writing courses begin your first year, unlike many other writing programs. The program is designed with four writing workshops; you get to choose three genres and follow them with an advanced creative writing workshop in which you will complete a writing piece in the genre of your choice, such as fiction, poetry, nonfiction or scriptwriting.”

Please click on the links for more information on the curriculum for each of the four majors for each of the four majors for each of the four majors.

Creative Writing Fiction (BA) Online

Creative Writing Nonfiction (BA) Online

Creative Writing Poetry (BA) Online

Creative Writing Screenwriting (BA) Online

A nice little bonus for attending this school is the New Hampshire Writers’ Project, the only statewide (in New Hampshire) literary organization for writers of all levels and genres. The Project is based out of SNHU and may provide additional opportunities for writing students.

After you’ve gotten your Bachelors degree (or assuming you already have one, and want to continue your education) SNHU doesn’t stop there. You can continue on and go for your Masters in English and Creative Writing, which is an important step for anyone who wants to pursue a PH.D. or teach at a college level.

For people like me, writing is a passion. I love it, it consumes me, I do it every day. So for other people of the same ilk, these programs could be just the thing they need. It can be a way to channel your passion into an education, to take what you love to do anyway and make it constructive and productive, as well as expanding your craft and developing your skill set.

But other people may be more cynical, and ask “how does this kind of degree advance my career?” This is a valid question, because creative writing doesn’t apply to every field. Lets face it, the vast majority of people can’t write a lick, and it never bothers them.

But for anyone interested in a career in education, public relations, journalism, advertising, or even website design, the better a writer you are the more of an edge you have over your competition.

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