Is a Job in Public Relations Right for You?

Now more than ever, the media is represented everywhere. One television and radio, news runs 24 hours a day, but that is dwarfed by the constantly updating cycle of the internet, where websites and social media can bring new stories every single minute. Companies, organizations, and corporations all need a representative to the rest of the world. And that’s what Public Relations is all about.

80% of Public Relations specialists hold Bachelor’s Degrees or higher. Photo by lululemon athletica

To work in Public Relations can mean a lot of different things, depending on where you work and who you work for. It can mean being the public face for an organization, for quotes in newspaper s and sound bites on the local news. Or it can mean writing anonymous press releases. Or it can mean making dozens of phone calls a day and updating data bases. Like any other field, there is a wide range of duties under the umbrella of Public Relations, but the bottom line means that the worker is serving as a liaison between a group and the general public.

Public Relations is a competitive field, with over 80% of its specialists holding a bachelor’s degree or higher. Getting a job in the field usually requires more than just a degree, and most employees in the field begin with an internship to get the job experience required to move up in the field.

What you can expect from a distance learning program in Public Relations are many core classes based around writing, thinking, and effectively communicating.  Being technologically savvy and up to date is important, as is enjoying dealing with people and being personable. Classes may include subject like Electronic Communication, Corporate Communication, Press Release Writing, Public Relations Campaign Planning, Public Speaking, and some basic Journalism classes.

In fact, most schools refer to the Public Relations courses as Communications courses, and a guidance counselor will help you select the right electives and core classes to specialize in Public Relations.

Full Sail University has a degree for Public Relations, Master of Arts.

Walden University offers four different Bachelor’s level degrees in the field: B.S. in Communication, Public Relations, B.S. in Communication, Organizational Communication, B.S. in Communication, Marketing Communication, and B.S. in Communication, Self-Designed.

University of Phoenix, which has degrees in almost every possible field, offers three Bachelor’s programs: BS in Communication (Marketing and Sales communications), BS in Communication (Communication and Technology), BS in Communication (Culture and Communication). They also offer a two-year Associates of Arts degree in Communications.

Southern New Hampshire University offers a Bachelor’s degree in Communication – Public Relations.

Grand Canyon University has two takes on the subject, with a Bachelors of Science in Marketing and a Bachelor of Arts in Communications.

Capella University has a distance program for a PH.D in Marketing.

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