Is Common Core the Educational Obamacare?

I’ve never really believed in Common Core. Frankly, most teachers, parents, and students don’t either. The problem is that the people who try to improve education really have no experience in the field – or if they did, it was many, many years ago. In fact, many articles are surfacing comparing it to Obamacare – and we’re seeing how that has failed right now.

Nice. (photo by William M. Ferriter via Todd Ehlers)

Nice. (photo by William M. Ferriter via Todd Ehlers)

I couldn’t put it better there, so here’s Spectator’s take on the matter:

” But they’ve found instead that Common Core is an educational track that parallels the Obamacare: both are designed to “fundamentally transform” America, both were conjured up out of audacious incompetence, both are products of ideological thinking rather than experience and common sense, and both are guaranteed to produce disastrous consequences.”

Common Core, much like Obamacare, was forced onto the public and left little room for anyone’s say in anything. The process of how Common Core came to be was that of two things: money and incompetency. Spectator sums up their process, as quoted here:

“Common Core was developed without state legislative involvement or authority, without involvement of curriculum or content specialists, and it was never voted on by anybody. Instead, it began with progressive educational insiders in Washington, D.C., was developed by Achieve, Inc., a group of progressive education reformers, shaped by commercial vendor NCS Pearson, Inc., and funded primarily by Bill and Melinda Gates through numerous foundations, organizations, and coalitions. At the last minute, two D.C.-based trade associations, the National Governors Association and the Council of State School Officers, were brought in to give the appearance of local and state involvement. Common Core has been implemented primarily through billions in federal “bribes,” because states had to accede to it in order to receive “Race to the Top” grants or waivers for “No Child Left Behind.'”

Critics have already given Common Core a D grade. Others have said that the high school graduation passing rate parallels seventh grade math. That’s ridiculous – and I wonder if they are trying to dumb us down so that they will have even more authority over us. Other critics suggest that (from the same article):

” Instead, some experts say that the goal is to produce “workers,” not “educated, thinking citizens.” The “lessons” in Common Core peddle propaganda, even in grammar exercises and math problems. Parents are reporting disinformation, distortion, and disparagement of American capitalism, exceptionalism, and opportunity. In short, Common Core appears to be as much about indoctrination as it is about educating our youth and providing them the skills needed for both informed citizenship and productive careers.”

But what’s even more disturbing is how it doesn’t just stop at education. It’s another way for the government to keep track of the population – starting from the time a child is of school age, for the rest of his life alive. The more that our private lives are put on display for others, the more we will be controlled and potentially dumbed down- all at the hands of government.

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