It’s Okay to Hate School

Contrary to popular believe, it is okay to hate school. Why is that, you ask? Well, frankly, it is the same concept as anyone who hates anything. Take reading for example – some people despise it, others cherish it. Those who hate reading, they say, frankly haven’t found the genre that they love. If the subject matter at hand is deemed good or worthy, they will enjoy and perhaps even cherish the subject matter. So, do you really hate school, or do you hate what you’re learning? Do you feel like the subject matter is unworthy and frankly, a waste of time? These are legitimate questions that people often shrug off.

Part of the reason that school sucks. (photo by Dennis Vu Photography for Unleashed Media)

Part of the reason that school sucks. (photo by Dennis Vu Photography for Unleashed Media)

In fact, that’s why the people at school-survival say the number one reason why school sucks is that, “…if you don’t like it, people think there is something seriously wrong with you,” when in reality, it is a completely normal occurrence. We all feel as if we can be doing something better and perhaps more productive with our lives – we just stick through for one of two things: we realize that without an education, our productivity levels are dramatically decreased, or someone else is making the choice for us since we are not of legal age to make those decisions for ourselves.

To emphasize why it is okay to hate school, here is Cracked’s article on “5 Things It Turns Out You Were Right to Hate About School.” I will depict some of the main points below:

  • Gigantic Final Exams Cripple Learning – because frankly, all you are doing is keeping information in long enough to pass the test. Then, that information is virtually worthless
  • There’s Not Enough Recess – children actually do better when given some time to play and be social in a “recess” environment.
  • Algebra Before High School Is Not For Everybody – our brains don’t exactly develop to understand abstract processes til we are a bit older than the average eighth grader. That is why algebra is the most failed math subject.
  • Competition In School Hinders Learning – “The only students who enjoy being ranked are at the top.”
  • The Transition From Elementary To Middle School Is Downright Terrible – overall, it’s just a bad time with increased crime rates and decreasing grades.

Kids hate school, as according to, because it kills any ounce of fun that they had looked forward to. In the article, a teacher depicts how in reading Charlotte’s Web, the kids could not stop. They were on fire, and passionate to find out what happened next. Unfortunately, that got cut short – by none other than the notorious standardized testing. Oh, common core, you are going to do wonders for education, aren’t you?

Nonetheless this is the world we live in. Our students forget how to enjoy learning because true learning simply isn’t present anymore. 

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