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Jackson State University is a primarily African-American university located in Jackson, Mississippi. Not surprisingly, the college has had no trouble in gaining a diverse, multicultural body of students in a model urban learning community. The university seeks highly motivated students from diverse backgrounds. Original research and learning by experience is integrated into an internationally prominent teaching program combined with rigorous study. As a predominantly black research public university, the university educates all students from all backgrounds awarding baccalaureate, masters, and doctoral programs while enhancing this process with immersive learning.

Their roots trace back to the original Natchez Seminary founded under the watch of the American Baptist Home Mission Society of New York. The student body started at just 63 students in a private church school and operated in slow expansion until 1882 when the decision was made to purchase an estate in Northern Jackson, Mississippi. The school was then renamed Jackson College in light of the new location in the city. By 1940, the school directorship was handed over to Mississippi’s education system and then renamed the Mississippi Negro Training School and bachelor’s degree programs sprouted shortly after this milestone. In 1974, the college was renamed Jackson State University.

Enrollment is now over 8,300 students with a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1. The educational programs at the university are more than decent with the backing of Mississippi’s education system. Tuition is at 10,978$/year average for full-time, out-of-state students and 459$ per credit hour for part-time students.

Jackson State University features a distance learning program online which is easy to enroll in. Their main goal is to use distance learning to provide quality instruction to students through the use of media such as computers, video, and, of course, the internet. To supplement this, the university also makes the same resources available to distance learners as on-campus students receive. Students can enroll in courses spanning a variety of topics and majors, such as Accounting, Business & Professional Development, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Management, Educational Administration & Supervision, Health & Physical Education, Social and Cultural Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, and History.

A plethora of online courses are available for students who want to either pursue a full degree, or supplement their education with distance learning elements. A variety of resources are gladly provided by the University in order to make the online education process as smooth as possible. Things like Java, Macromedia Flash/Shockwave Player, online dictionaries and thesauri, and Microsoft Office applications are made available for download right on the distance learning site.

Whether the student’s goal is part or full-time, online or on-campus, Jackson State University goes the extra length to provide more than adequate resources. Students can achieve their degrees at home, at work, or in the comfort of a wireless atmosphere of their choosing. Regardless, distance learners can enjoy the well thought of curriculum and resources on their terms.

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