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Jamestown is a private, coeducational liberal arts college located in Jamestown, North Dakota and affiliated with the Presbyterian Church. The college takes the approach of showing the student tried and true critical thinking processes, as opposed to fitting students into a core curriculum and compartmentalizing their passions into a set of majors. What this means to the students is that they will successfully be able to get ahead in the job market here, and throughout the world. Students with liberal arts grounding are being turned to by employers in increasing numbers for their ability to think critically.

Jamestown college was founded with staggered success due to the American Depression of 1893, but managed to resume operations in 1909. Throughout the decades, the college expanded its programs with the standard method of attracting enrollment and using the funds to build or hire more faculty, with concentrations on its science and nursing programs. What characterizes the college most is the fact that it has suffered through many a struggling period, but has stuck through the hard times and pushed to remain on course through a variety of methods, like radical restructuring and aggressive fundraising.

The college remains relatively small with an enrollment of just over a thousand students and a student to faculty ratio of 17 to 1. Popular fields of study at the college include Nursing/Registered Nurse, Business Administration & Management, Elementary Education & Teaching, Corrections & Criminal Justice, and Physical Education Teaching & Coaching. Students can study in over 40 different fields and majors. In addition, they can earn a Bachelor of Arts, a Bachelor of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.).

The college does not feature a full-fledged distance learning program, however some courses at Jamestown feature online elements which can easily be expanded to become online courses and distance learning programs in the future with steady expansion. Tuition is 12,748$ on a yearly basis for full-time students from outside of the state’s residence, and 350$ per credit hour for part-time students.  Financial aid is made very available by the college with 99% of students receiving some form of financial aid and 94% of those students receiving institutional grants from Jamestown.

The college has been accredited by several organizations, major, regional, and national and its implementation of interactive learning far exceeds the status quo. It is known as the “Ivy League of the Region” mostly due to the fact that it offers much of what a university offers without the university price tag or restrictive capacity.

Altogether, the college is a community dedicated to the development of wholeness in students through the ideals of the liberal arts tradition and professional preparation. Students will find themselves in a Christian atmosphere of self-discipline, responsibility, and concern for the continuing growth of the body and the mind. Each student is distinguished as a world of education in and of itself, no degree left unattended to, no student turned away from a future of academic success.

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