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Jarvis Christian College is an independent four year, predominantly African-American college affiliated with the Disciples of Christ. The mission of Jarvis Christian is to intellectually, socially, personally, and spiritually prepare each student for contribution and participation in a world technological society. In this respect, alumni and graduates all take part in helping the community and spreading the knowledge and values instilled in them to others in need. Jarvis is committed to giving each student a background in the liberal arts and teaching them the value of faith and accountability.

The college began as Jarvis Christian Institute in 1913 with an enrollment of twelve students. During the first decade, high school curriculum, commercial courses, a bible program and then, by 1927, junior college courses were added to the curriculum. In 1928 the Institute was incorporated as a college as the name was changed to Jarvis Christian College in 1929. Eventually general education programs and additional innovations were appended to the college that hastened recognition from the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools that landed them certification eventually in 1971. Today the college attracts Christian students from all over the country and continues its tradition as a supportive and open platform for enrollment.

The College provides distance education and online courses in collaboration with other colleges in the region and abroad. Enrollment is open for distance learners seeking to earn their degree from home, but, the college hasn’t published any information regarding its distance education programs online. However, prospective students can always gain more information by contacting Jarvis Christian College directly.

The most popular field of study is Multidisciplinary or Interdisciplinary Studies with Business Administration & Management following at a close second. Criminal Justice/Safety Sudies, Elementary Education  & Teaching, and Physical Education Teaching & Coaching are also prominent areas for students. Students can earn their degree in Accounting, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems, a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management or Marketing, a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems, Science, Biology, Chemistry, and Criminal Justice.

Enrollment is small, with only 728 students participating full-time at the college and a student to faculty ratio of 18 to 1. Tuition for out-of-state students enrolling full-time is at an affordable 7,416$ per year, and part-time students pay 309$ per credit hour. The strong majority of students are receiving financial aid of some kind, a fraction of those are receiving aid form Jarvis Christian and most of the students are receiving federal, state, and local grants.

In teaching Christian students the values of faith combined with practical studies in the liberal arts and sciences, the college transforms the student from a mere student to a professional graduate realizing their full potential in the field of their choice. Jarvis Christian College has been recognized for its rigorous studies and its commitment to becoming a better university every year.

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