Jobs for the Musically Inclined

I can’t help but listen to music, nearly at all times. If not in overture in movies or television, it’s coming from my laptop as I do my homework and write articles for Distance Learning. If it’s not there, then it’s playing in my car as I’m singing down the interstate. It’s fair enough to say that I’m a music lover. And perhaps you are too!

Jobs can revolve around your passion, too. (photo by Kansir)

Jobs can revolve around your passion, too. (photo by Kansir)

Although I can never imagine myself in a music job – here are some options you have if you do envision it.

#1. Talent Scout

This one is more for your ears than your rhythm or hands. If you have a knack for finding music before it hits the radio (and then subsequently get mad at the fact that the radio could put something like it on air) – then this may be something you’ll want to look into. Simon Cowell did it for EMI, BMG, and his own label.

#2. Concert Promoter

Are you the one to tell your friends about the latest concert? Do you end up convincing a lot of them to go (either with you or without?) If so, you might want to look into this business-side of the music industry. Monster defines this job’s responsibilities as, “…They think of everything having to do with the concert — from ticket sales and marketing to audience and weather — while keeping an eye on the bottom line.”

#3. Music Journalist or Critic

This one actually appeals to me very much so! This job includes interviewing artists, following their work, and writing stellar or not-so-stellar reviews of their work. I’m thinking Paste Magazine, which brings joy to my little music-lovin’ heart!

Oh, how I dream to write about Bon Iver.

#4. Sound/Recording Engineer

I’ve actually had some experience in this section from running the soundboard at my church. It’s actually a harder job than you think, when you realize that what you’re hearing in the sound booth is not the same as what the audience is hearing out in the seating areas.

This is where music and technology meet. If you have a bad sound/recording engineer, it can kill your entire set.

Try not to hire one who will drink on the job. I’ve seen it happen. I’ve also seen the cops get involved. Es no bueno.

#5. Studio Musician

This one is probably the most obvious job for the musically inclined. Do you have an instrument you love to play? Do you have several instruments you love to play? You can do several things with this, depending on your instrument. You can go solo, play in a band, play for a studio or an actual audience, or even professionally play for an orchestra or choir.

These are the people in the limelight. But again, all of these jobs are important for music to be full in its entirety.

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