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John Brown University is a Christian/Interdenominational liberal arts college located in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. The mission of John Brown is to supply an education steeped in Christian tradition that prepares students to help others and honor God in progressing their intelligent growth, professional status, and spiritual identity. In light of this, the university has remained interdenominational and admits students of any faith who want to enroll. Besides that, is a strong curriculum in the liberal arts and sciences that supplement a complete, Christian education and prepare students to actualize themselves fully in their future careers.

John Brown University features a well-developed set of courses and a degree program open to all students who sign up. Their main program of study is the Online Master of Business Administration in Leadership and Ethics. This program takes students through a variety of topics such as Accounting, Marketing, Managerial topics, Research Methods, and throws in Christian Foundations for Organizational Leaders to give Business majors the Christian advantage. Students simply have to fulfill one three-hour residency requirement which can be satisfied by attending on campus or even taking a trip to Guatemala, Ireland, or China.

The same principle applies to the subsequent master’s programs which include a Master of Science in Leadership & Ethics, a Master of Science in Leadership and Higher Education, and a Master of Science in International Community Development Leadership. All of these are orchestrated in the same way that on-campus courses are operated which means not only can the student expect the same accreditation, but the same quality as well.

In addition, courses can be taken individually for independent study or combined to be put towards a degree either through transferable credit or future enrollment on campus. The options are limitless. Some course titles include Managerial Finance, Marketing Strategies, Christian Foundations, Foundations of Leadership, Global Leadership & Ethics, Corporate Governance, Managerial Accounting, and Research Methods.

Enrollment is small, with only 2,000 or so students, but that just means education is a lot less crowded and certainly more individualized. Full-time students pay $17,256 per year, and part-time students pay $720 per credit hour. Financial aid is made available to almost every student that walks through the door. 9 out of 10 students are receiving institutional grants mostly as a result of their bounteous Christian resources which take the form for merit-based scholarships and need-based grants.

John Brown University is the school of choice for Christians that want to further their education for a variety of purposes, like global ministry, or entry way into a rewarding, corporate occupation. Business majors are plenty, but the schools more-than-adequate resources and staff pay equal attention to the many subsequent fields of study that are offered at the university as well. Students of all faiths are welcome, for the college prides itself in helping those in need, especially those who plan to turn around to help others in need.

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